Case Studies

SEE REAL WORLD JOBS and demonstrations completed with the power of Dustless Blasting.

Graffiti Removal with Dustless Blasting

Field Tests

blasting in progress, 1 sqft tests
Dustless vs Dry Test

We compared the effectiveness of Dustless Blasting to traditional sandblasting for marine vessel maintenance.

Dustless Blasting Jobs

Tire Mold Before After Closeup

A local dustless blaster excelled in removing rubber residue from tire molds, impressing a trucking company with efficiency and quality service.

Dustless Blasting 2 40 Metal Boats
blasting 40' Metal Boats

In an impressive feat of teamwork, two Texas-based blasting companies joined forces to rid two 40-foot metal boats of marine paint, anti-fouling, and bondo in less than a day.

blasting blue paint off of a concrete pool

Northwest Mobile Blasting LLC used Dustless Blasting equipment to remove paint from two in-ground concrete pools totaling 6000 square feet despite snowy and rainy conditions.

Parking Garage Line Stripe Removal LINE STRIPING REMOVAL

A seasoned lot development company based in Austin, Texas utilized DUSTLESS BLASTING® to remove thousands of feet of parking lot striping in an active parking garage.

Tile cleaning with Dustless Blasting Removing Mineral Deposits From Tile

The tile walls of this infinity pool had accumulated lots of white buildup in just three years. See how it was transformed to it's original state.

Marine Restoration with Dustless Blasting Yacht Restoration

A swift solution was needed when blisters were discovered on the fiberglass gelcoat of this 54-foot vessel. And that's where DUSTLESS BLASTING® stepped in as the clear choice.