Powder Coating


The better way to blast.


Dustless Blasting is among the easiest and most efficient removal methods for powder coating, while also being environmentally friendly. No dangerous chemicals, gets through to hard to reach areas, and allows for ultimate blast site versatility.


No hazardous and caustic chemical strippers to deal with.

faster than dry blasting

Water cools the powder coat, making it brittle. This allows the coating to quickly flake off into pieces, instead of heating it up and having it melt off. 

Create an Anchor profile

Unlike chemical stripping, blasting leaves an anchor profile for the new coating to adhere to.

less containment

Water suppresses the dust plume, letting you work with less containment and cleanup.

Powder Coating Gallery

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Fast removal


Because the Dustless Blasting process introduces water, it increases the mass and energy that the machine is putting out, making it dramatically faster than dry blasting. 

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re-coat ready


Dustless Blasting will leave your substrate with a strong anchor profile for your next coating to adhere to. Our rust inhibitor will prevent flash rust and leave the surface clean and ready for a new layer.

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The Wet Blasting Difference


The water cools the powder coat, making it brittle and easier to remove than heat-based removal methods that make the coating gooey.

Remove Failing Powder Coating from Rims

Remember: as a contractor offering a premium service, you can upcharge when necessary. This contractor was able to charge 50% more than he usually does, because the customer wanted the job done quick.

”I charged [the customer] $75 a rim. They wanted them done ASAP, so they got the ASAP price. I picked the rims up and delivered them back in 2 hrs. They were happy with my service.”

Other Uses For Dustless Blasting

Pat_Mark_Yacht3 Marine

From large fishing vessels and yachts, to small aluminum boats, you'll be back in the water faster by using the Dustless Blaster.

Additional Services Concrete

Easily remove paint, sealer and stain from a wide variety of concrete surfaces.


Safely remove old coatings, stain, and etch custom designs on delicate wood surfaces.

North Texas Dustless Blasting - Fire Restoration Still - 1-1 Fire Restoration

Don't let fire damage go untreated. Remove soot and smoke damage from a variety of surfaces.

graffiti-luxury-apartments-3 Graffiti

The fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty.

Application LP - Automotive Restoration-thumb Automotive

Stop sanding, scraping and grinding. See why Dustless Blasting is the best way to strip a car.

gulf_coast_pool_tiles Pools

Blast away calcium buildup without damage or remove plaster for renovation.

Other Uses for Dustless Blasting