powder coating being removed from a wheel


Powder Coating Removal

Wet blasting is faster: water cools the powder coat, letting it flake off instead of getting gooey.

The Safer Option

No hazardous and caustic chemical strippers to deal with.

Create an Anchor Profile

Unlike chemical stripping, blasting leaves an anchor profile for the new coating to adhere to.

Faster than Dry Blasting

Water cools the powder coat, making it brittle. This allows it to flake off as opposed to getting gooey, like it does with the heat generated from dry blasting

Less Containment

Water suppresses the dust plume, letting you work with less containment and cleanup.

rusty and powder coated rims restored
orange powder coat being sandblasted
monster truck frame with powder coating removed
sandblasting a yellow powder coated wheel
flaking powder coat removed from wheels


Remove Failing Powder Coat from Wheels

Remember — as a contractor offering a premium service, you can upcharge when necessary.

This contractor was able to charge 50% more than he usually does, because the customer wanted a rush job.

"I charged [the customer] $75 a rim. They wanted them done ASAP, so they got the ASAP price."

See the Case Study

“We actually stripped chrome and powder coating. Dustless Blasting cut right through it, no problem at all. ”

Matt M.
Mobile Business Owner

“It's the real deal! Never have I seen paint, powder coating and even chrome get stripped as fast as it did. ”

Todd C.
Mobile Business Owner

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wet abrasive blasting wheels

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chemical paint stripping on airplane

Dustless Blasting vs. Chemical Stripping vs. Burn-Off

We compare all the different methods to remove powder coat.

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thick layers of epoxy being blasted away

Multiple Layers of Epoxy Removed in Seconds

These potential business owners brought in the ultimate test: paint racks covered in multiple layers of tough epoxy paint.

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