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What is Dustless Blasting?

Dustless Blasting is a revolutionary paint stripping and cleaning system that can remove virtually any coating from almost any surface, without creating a huge plume of dust.

The Dustless Blaster works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. By introducing water, we’re drastically increasing mass and energy the machine is putting out, while suppressing dust.

Watch how it works here.

Is it really dustless?

Wet abrasive blasting with your Dustless Blasting machine helps contain the plume of dust typically associated with the alternative dry abrasive blasting. 

Imagine that you are stripping a car in a football stadium. With your Dustless Blasting pot, the blast abrasive, when mixed with water, would be contained in an area about the size of the logo in the center of the field. If you were dry abrasive blasting, the entire football stadium would be filled with airborne media particles. 

Though the wet abrasive blasting method isn't completely magic, the process is essentially dustless with so few airborne particles compared to dry abrasive blasting. 

What is the lifetime warranty?

MMLJ pressure vessels (blast pots) are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Other components of the mobile machines, such as the compressor, axles, water pump, etc. may be covered by their own individual manufacturer warranties. Other warranty info is located here.

Do you offer blasting services?

We are the equipment manufacturer and do not provide blasting services. The best way to find a contractor is by searching for a mobile blaster near you.

Can I rent Dustless Blasting equipment?

We do not rent Dustless Blasting equipment, but we can connect you with a local service provider who can do the job for you.

Please enter your zip code here and we'll send you contact information for the closest service provider.


Which unit is right for me?

All our machines are capable of the same process, but we offer various sizes that are appropriate for small hobby projects to large-scale industrial jobs.

The higher the air pressure and CFM rating of your compressor, the more productive the machine will be. Our larger machines blast for a longer period of time, increasing job efficiency. 

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What kind of compressor do I need?

The compressor requirements, measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), can be found on the equipment pages for each particular blaster.

All of our mobile machines come with an appropriately sized compressor for maximum efficiency.

What kind of abrasive is used?

For wet blasting, you can use almost any abrasive as long as it is clean, consistent, and sinks in water. The most popular and inexpensive media of choice is 40/70 recycled bottle glass. You can purchase media in the Online Store, or buy it locally to save on shipping costs.

Your Dustless Blasting pot can also dry blast. For this process, your machine can use any media a traditional dry blaster would use.

Note: If you're using a standalone blast pot (not a mobile), we recommend purchasing an air drying and cooling system when dry blasting for maximum efficiency. You can view our ADCS systems here. 

Can my truck tow the mobile machines?

When fully loaded, the compact DB500 Mobile S weighs about 5,500lbs and can be towed by most trucks.

The larger DB500 Mobile XL weighs about 9,100lbs when fully loaded. It generally requires a 1-ton truck to tow it.

Finally, the DB800 Mobile XL weighs about 9,700lbs when fully loaded.


Will wet abrasive blasting warp metal?

The Dustless Blaster will NOT cause warping when wet abrasive blasting. The friction and heat are reduced by the water, effectively reducing metal warping.  In fact, the temperature of the metal being blasted usually comes down about 10º from ambient.

Think of it this way - if you rub your hands together, they get warm due to friction. But if you rub your hands together underneath running water, they stay cool. The water eliminates the friction. No friction = no heat = no warping!

Does the process hurt glass or chrome?

Glass and chrome can be damaged by any kind of abrasive blasting. You should always mask off the chrome and glass prior to blasting.

How do I prevent flash rust?

By using a specially formulated rust inhibitor, you can prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours. Add the inhibitor to the blast water to prevent flash rust during blasting. After blasting, use the rust inhibitor as a rinse for ultimate protection.

How do I clean up the media after blasting?

Because wet abrasive blasting is so effective at containing media, clean up doesn't have to be a laborious process. When blasting over a hard surface like concrete, sweep up the used media and dispose of it. You can also lay out 6 mil plastic under your blast zone before starting a project. When you’re done, simply pick it up the sheet and throw it away.

Can I blast in freezing weather?

Yes. You can easily wet blast in freezing weather by following the tips in this article.

Our mobile machines are also capable of blasting dry or with soda, which can be a good alternative in very cold weather.

Is a Dustless Blasting machine only suitable for wet abrasive blasting?

Nope! Your Dustless Blasting machine can be used for dry blasting, soda blasting, and wet blasting -- serving many business models. 

No need to make the switch from your current methods. 

For information on switching your machine from wet abrasive blasting to dry, see this article.


Is blasting harmful to the environment?

We recommend using 40/70 recycled bottle glass as an abrasive, which is chemically inert, environmentally friendly, and contains less than one percent free silica.

How do I stay safe when blasting?

Though wet abrasive blasting drastically reduces the amount of airborne particles compared to dry blasting, no dust is safe to breathe. 

Always wear proper OSHA recommended PPE when blasting. 

See your machine's user manual for more information on how to stay safe when on the job.


What personal protective equipment (PPE) is required?

Though wet abrasive blasting significantly reduces the amount of airborne particles compared to dry blasting, OSHA recommends proper personal protective equipment (PPE) before starting the blasting process.

OSHA recommends the following when performing any abrasive blasting:  

  • Hearing protection
  • Eye and face protection
  • Helmet
  • Leather gloves that protect elbow to fingertips and aprons (or coveralls)
  • Safety shoes or boots
  • NIOSH approved respirator 

The Nova3® Respirator is a great way to stay safe and comfortable while blasting. The included climate control module can provide supplied air that is 20°F above or below the ambient temperature.

For more information on operator safety, see OSHA guidelines


Do I need previous industry experience?

Nope! Learning to use the Dustless Blasting machine is simple. Be on your way to blasting in under five minutes.

Feel free to stop in our shop for some hands-on training if you find yourself in the Houston area. 

Can't make it to Texas? Our online Academy has a variety of articles and videos to help you become a blasting business expert.

Where can I reach out for technical support after my purchase?

If you need technical support after your purchase, the best place to start is the online Academy.

You can also contact technical support here or give us a call at 713-869-2227.

What kind of maintenance will I need to do?

With wet blasting, there is less wear on the nozzles, hoses, and valves. This means less time and money spent on replacing parts.

The main wear to look out for is the pinch hose. This regular maintenance is inexpensive and easy to replace on your blast hose.

Dry blasting does not have water mixed with the abrasives you're blasting with, so you may need to replace your blast wear parts more frequently. 

Like any engine, your compressor will need routine oil and filter changes. You should refer to the individual maintenance schedule included in the compressor's manual. 

Where can I buy replacement parts?

Purchase replacement parts in our Online Store 24/7. Next-day shipping and store pickup are available for most items for a quick turnaround.

How do I register the trailer in my state?

In order to register your trailer in your state and obtain license plates, please read our full instructions here. This process may vary slightly based on your state.

Starting a Dustless Blasting Business

What is the Dustless Blasting business opportunity?

The Dustless Blasting business model is simple: you get paid to make old things new again.

Owning a Dustless Blasting machine opens the door to customizable opportunities. 

This powerful equipment strips tough-to-clean surfaces in a fraction of the time. Use your blasting efficiency for automative restoration, graffiti removal, marine maintenance, and more. 

You make the rules.

How much money can I make?

Most of our business owners charge around $300 per hour of blasting. 

How much does it cost to start this business?

You can become a Dustless Blasting business owner for under $40,000. No ongoing franchise fees or royalties ever!

See the breakdown of the total investment

Would this business be a franchise?

Dustless Blasting is not a franchise. There are no fees or royalties, ever. 

This business is your own - 100% of the profits and decisions are yours.

Enjoy perks like brand recognition and pre-made marketing materials without a franchise contract.

How do I find customers?

Our marketing services are the best way to attract new customers and keep a steady flow of work. As the experts in the surface preparation industry, we use the best techniques for promoting your business to future customers.

The Premium Online Presence is the top-of-the-line way to reach thousands of people in your area through targeted ads, social media, and much more.

How do I price jobs?

Pricing varies significantly throughout the country, so it’s important to base your prices on YOUR area.

Though we can’t give you exact pricing, we can share tips, tricks, formulas, and ballpark numbers in our How To Price Jobs Guide.

Are there competitors in my area?

If you can't find paint stripping and cleaning services near you with a quick Google search, chances are, your potential customers can't either!

However, if you do find a contractor in your area, don't worry. Read more about finding your niche and understanding competition here.

Why can’t I use “Dustless Blasting” in my business name?

We found that when people used the phrase “Dustless Blasting” in their business name, it got a little confusing for their potential customers.

We spend millions on having a large and established online presence, so when someone searches for “Dustless Blasting,” they’re more likely to find us, rather than their local provider who shares a nearly identical name. We don’t want to take away business from the small local guys, so having that guideline helps everybody.

Read our full Business Naming Policy or get ideas on how to name your business.

Of course, you can say things like “we use Dustless Blasting equipment” or “we provide Dustless Blasting services.” The only place you can’t use the words is in your actual business name!

What services can I offer?

These are just a few of the services you can offer:

Beyond abrasive blasting, Dustless Blasting equipment can provide additional services: painting, priming, sealing, and vapor disinfection.

Payment / Financing

How much does a machine cost?

Blast pots start at $6,150 and mobile trailers start at $36,000.

Please enter your email and we'll send you a full pricing guide.

Where can I buy a Dustless Blaster?

Get matched with the right machine. Our team is readily available to help you find the perfect fit. Request a quote or call us at 713-869-2227 and we'll put together an invoice including shipping and any applicable tax.

Equipment and accessories are also available in the Online Store.

Is financing available?

Yes! Dustless Blasting is proud to offer a financing option for your purchase. The first step is getting pre-qualified here. We offer commercial loans (not personal loans), which require you to register a business name before funds can be received.

For smaller purchases through the Online Store (>$10,000), there is an instant financing option. Simply select “Pay with Klarna” at checkout, and you’ll be guided through the process.

Do you offer international financing?

Our financing is only available in the 50 U.S. states.

Can I finance with my own bank or credit union?

Yes. We are happy to work with your financial institution.


How much does shipping cost?

If you are purchasing from the Online Store, you can see your exact shipping costs at checkout.

Otherwise, please request a quote to see shipping costs based on your location.

Store pickup is also available for most items. Many of our new business owners choose to pick up the machine from our manufacturing facility in Houston, TX. In-person pick up cuts out the shipping costs and gives you the chance to receive complimentary hands-on training!

Is there a distributor near me?

In the US, we only ship factory direct from our facility in Houston, TX.

We do have some international distributors. Contact us at 713-869-2227 to be referred to your closest distributor.

Do you ship internationally?

Contact us at 713-869-2227 to be referred to your closest international distributor of Dustless Blasting equipment.

If you fall outside of a distributor’s region, we can ship a machine to you. For an exact total including your shipping, request a quote and we’ll get back to you shortly.

How long does it take to build my machine?

Machines will typically ship immediately after they have been paid in full.

What is the return policy?

Read our return policy from the Online Store here.

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