Price List
Price List
blue paint half removed from a boat bottom

Dustless Blasting removes antifouling paint from a 54' Viking yacht.

The Project

Remove antifouling paint and open gelcoat blisters.

Antifouling paint needed to be removed from this 54 foot Viking yacht, so that a new layer of antifouling paint could be applied. Many blisters had also developed in the fiberglass gelcoat. These blisters needed to be opened up for repair. 

Project Details

  • Abrasive: 40/70 Crushed Glass
  • Pressure: 120 PSI
  • Blast Method: Wet Blasting
  • Total Time: 10 Hours
  • Equipment: DB500
  • Air Compressor: 210 CFM

Project Notes

Normally, we recommend blasting fiberglass at about 70 PSI. 

However, the main goal of this job was to open blisters in the gelcoat so they could be repaired. Since gelcoat is tougher than the antifouling paint, we kicked the pressure up to 120-135 PSI. 


Job Profitability


28 Bags of Media: $280
26 Gallons Diesel: $100
Plastic for Cleanup: $40

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$3,080 in 10 hours

Jobs like this are part of regular hull maintenance that must be done periodically to any boat. There are over 12 million registered boats in the United States alone! 

Want to start your own profitable business removing antifouling paint, grime, marine growth, and more?

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removing blue paint from yacht
bottom of boat with half the paint removed
man in respirator blasting away paint on boat
yacht on stilts stripped of paint
"Marine maintenance has never been this easy or this profitable."

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