removing black paint from a 1973 impala for restoration


Automotive Restoration

Stop sanding, scraping, and grinding. See why Dustless Blasting® is the best way to strip a car. 

The better way to blast.

One Step

Remove paint, primer, rust, and body filler in just one step.

No Warping

Water reduces friction and heat, which are normally responsible for warping.

Any Surface

Adjust your pressure and media to go from blasting fiberglass to solid steel.


Rust Inhibitor keeps  the surface clean and free of flash rust for 72 hours.

rusty 62 impala being restored
automotive restoration with dustless blasting
brown paint removed from old car
1966 impala with flame paint job removed
paint stripped from bugeye vehicle
paint and rust removed from old chevrolet
sandblasting a car for restoration
red paint stripped from corvette body
rust removal from 1964 ford falcon race car
land rover paint stripping before and after
rust removed from a 2001 van roof
yellow paint removal from 1970s honda


Strip Paint from a 1970's Honda

This contractor stayed at 90 PSI when blasting, but adjusted his standoff distance to be more gentle on the hood, doors, and roof. These parts can be thinner and require a more delicate touch.

It's also easy to switch between wet and dry blasting, based on the needs of your project.

"I do inside and bottoms of bodies dry, also frames. I do all exterior panels wet."

Kent P.
Dustless Blasting Business Owner

See the Case Study
“It was amazing, it’s like a chalk board and an eraser.”
dennis gage headshot

Dennis Gage
My Classic Car

“It's amazing how fast this thing cuts everything away, and brings it down to bare metal. ”
bruno massel headshot

Bruno Massel

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shiny red classic car

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dennis gage touring the dustless blasting factory

Dennis Gage Visits our Factory

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graffiti removal from concrete wall
Graffiti Removal
red paint removed from driveway
Concrete, Stone, & Brick
flaking red paint stripped from curb
Line Stripe & Curb Paint
yellow powder coating being removed from wheel
Powder Coat Removal
sandblasting caterpillar construction equipment
Heavy Equipment
sandblasting rivets on a semi trailer
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sandblasting an automotive frame

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