Wood Cleaning & Etching

Safely remove old coatings, stain, or etch custom designs on delicate wood surfaces.

The Perfect Tool for Removing paint, stain, and weathering


Strip off old coatings of paint without damaging the substrate, restore wood covered with stubborn smoke soot, and even etch custom designs with DUSTLESS BLASTING®.

Gentle touch

Adjust the blast pressure to suit varying surfaces, even antique and soft woods.

Blast Wet or Dry

Choose from a wide variety of eco-friendly abrasives including soda and organics.

Blast Interiors

Work inside and remove soot and fire damage from rafters or fireplaces.

Custom Etching

Use stencils to offer one-of-a-kind custom designs etched in wood.

project gallery

wood etching


Use vinyl or metal stencils to create beautiful premium signs



Remove years of weathering without damaging the substrate




Remove fire damage from wood and deodorize at the same time

“My DB500 mobile unit took the stain right off this cedar log home with ease! Blasting dry is the way to go when doing a cabin.”

Kory P
Dustless Blasting Owner/Operator



Remove old coatings on wood without damaging the substrate, erase fire damage, and even etch custom designs! There's no shortage of surface restoration applications with Dustless Blasting.


Etching custom signs and monuments is a great way to add income streams to your blasting business.

Which abrasive should i pick?

Wood can be a delicate substrate - here's how to pick the right abrasive.

Other Uses For Dustless Blasting

Pat_Mark_Yacht3 Marine

From large fishing vessels and yachts, to small aluminum boats, you'll be back in the water faster by using the Dustless Blaster.

Additional Services Concrete

Easily remove paint, sealer and stain from a wide variety of concrete surfaces.

Application LP - Automotive Restoration-thumb Automotive

Stop sanding, scraping, and grinding. See why Dustless Blasting® is the best way to strip a car. 

North Texas Dustless Blasting - Fire Restoration Still - 1-1 Fire Restoration

Don't let fire damage go untreated. Remove soot and smoke damage from a variety of surfaces.

graffiti-luxury-apartments-3 Graffiti

The fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty.

powdercoat-yellow-powder-coat-wheel Powder Coating

Eliminate tough powder coatings from any surface with the most effective tool on the market.

gulf_coast_pool_tiles Pools

Blast away calcium buildup without damage or remove plaster for renovation.