dustless blasting wood panels


Wood Cleaning & Etching

Remove old coatings without damage, erase fire damage, and even etch custom designs.

Remove paint, stain, and weathering.

Gentle Restoration

Adjust the blast pressure to suit any surface, even antique wood.

Blast Wet or Dry

Choose from a wide variety of blast abrasives, including soda and organics.

Blast Indoors

Dust is suppressed, so you can work in residential areas and even indoors.

Custom Etching

Powerful when you need it. Use stencils to etch custom designs in wood.

weathering removed from custom wood rocking chair
white paint removed from cedar siding
wooden patio chairs restored
timber wood door with layers of old paint removed
restored wooden deck
antique telephone booth restored
wooden garage door restoration
removing red stain from wood house
personalized etched wood sign created with sandblasting stencil
dustless blasting a wooden bench
paint removal from wood siding
brush blasting the interior of a log cabin


Log Cabin Brush Blast

The owner of this log cabin wanted to maintain a vintage look but also wanted the paper, grime and mildew removed in preparation for a sealant to be applied.

Just a testament of how gentle or aggressive you can be with the dustless blaster to meet your customer's needs. Approx. 600 square feet, 3 bags 40/70 crushed glass, stand off was about 2 to 2 1/2 feet, #6 nozzle. Total blast time: a little over 1 hour.

Charles C.
Dustless Blasting Business Owner

“It is an amazing machine. I had more business than I could handle. I have used it for cleaning wood in burned out houses for a local disaster restoration company.”

Wayne H.
Business Owner

“My DB500 mobile unit took the stain right off this cedar log home with ease! Blasting dry is the way to go when doing a cabin.”

Kory P.
Business Owner

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What else can you use this versatile tool for?

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red paint removed from stamped concrete driveway
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graffiti removal indoors with abrasive blasting
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abrasive blasting a wooden bench

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