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Price List
man in protective suit sandblasting antique cannon

Restoring two historical cannons near Alcatraz.

The Project

The Spanish first installed artillery at this strategic bluff called Black Point in 1797. It was fortified once again during the Civil War. When operational, the 10-inch Rodmans could fire a 124 pound cannonball up to 2.5 miles!

Over a century later, the cannons still stand over the bluff, but they were in desperate need of restoration. Luckily, Dustless Blasting was the right tool for the job.

The Challenge

One of our contractors had the opportunity to strip the 15+ layers of paint that had been applied over the years. The two cannons he restored are actually from two different countries, and are estimated to be 240 years old and 180 years old.

"He did not expect me to strip it all the way to the bare metal. So we uncovered a lot of insignia and
different stamps and other stuff that's never been discovered before on those cannons."

Roman O., Castle Builders

Job Details

  • Equipment: DB500 Mobile XL
  • Air Compressor: 185 CFM
  • Nozzle: SLV #5, Performance XL #6
  • Pressure: 140 PSI with a large standoff distance
  • Blasting Method: Wet Blasting
  • Abrasive: 28 bags of 40/70 Crushed Glass
  • Time: 12 hours (including setup, cleanup, and priming)
  • Containment: Plastic sheets on ground to collect media


Job Profitability


28 Bags of Media: $280
1.5 Gallons Epoxy Primer: $280
Garbage Removal Service: $160
6 mil Plastic Sheeting: $60
14 Gallons Diesel: $31

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$4,889 in 12 hours

Quick Tip: Adding Services

Priming is a great way to upsell your customer and make more money on any job.

In this case, the contractor applied a thick epoxy primer using a paint sprayer, which was powered by the compressor on his DB500 Mobile XL. All Dustless Blasting trailers come with auxiliary air connections to run paint sprayers and other air tools.


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Why Dustless Blasting?


Environmental Excellence

With wet blasting, dust and particles are grounded and do not create a dust plume.


Strip to Bare Metal

Adjust pressure and standoff distance to get a brush-off blast or a white metal finish.


Paint & Prime

Trailers come equipped with auxiliary air connections, so you can power paint sprayers.

“The environmental expert did some tests. [Because we were wet blasting], the blast didn't actually go more than seven feet out. And that's with a high wind. It just settled in the spot.

Roman O.
Castle Builders

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