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Price List
Case study | Garbage truck

Surface preparation for a fleet of 60 garbage trucks

Job description

"This was my actually my eighth trash truck job for this company. They have 60 total and I do 1-2 a month. Each truck takes about 8 hours and they also have me do large dumpsters that take about 20 hours."

-Fred M., contractor

The opportunity

Your local trash service has numerous opportunities for blasting. From trucks to dumpsters to other heavy-duty equipment, you can turn one gig into a steady stream of revenue.

Project details

  • Equipment: DB500® Mobile
  • Blasting type: Wet blasting 
  • Abrasive: Coal slag
  • Pressure: 100 PSI
  • Blast time: 8 hours per truck
  • Total trucks in fleet: 60
  • Potential revenue: $86,400+


Pro tip

For a job like this, I like to use the fan tip. The fan tip will spread out the media a bit and allow you to cover more area.


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Network. Networking is key. I had this as a part time job for three years before I went full time. I had a 4-5 year plan to go full time and I pulled a year early just because business was pickng up in year 3, just by networking and getting my name out there.

Fred M. 

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