Line Stripe & Curb Paint

Unlike grinding, Dustless Blasting will not compromise the lifespan of asphalt.

Easy Removal, no matter the surface


Dustless Blasting is a versatile tool that is one of the most economical and effective options for removing pavement markings

Complete removal

These services provide increased curb appeal and can improve traffic and parking lot safety 

OSHA Compliance

Dustless Blasting controls airborne dust. Dry blasting, when silica dust is present is no longer allowed - water must be introduced into the process for compliance. 

Blast Indoors

Because our process suppresses dust, it's ideal for confined spaces like parking garages.

Custom Etching

You can even add revenue streams to your business by etching designs into concrete.

Line Stripe and Curb Paint Gallery

Work Fast


By mixing abrasive media with a low volume of water, Dustless Blasting is highly effective at removing pavement markings and line striping.  

Make a Difference


Maintain your community! Line striping and curb painting are for more that just curb appeal. It provides safety markers for drivers, pedestrians, and emergency workers!

Create Art


Whether you're etching a custom logo or design into a concrete floor, or etching names into a stone monument, Dustless Blasting can make it fast and easy.

Strip Curb Paint With Ease

Dustless Blasting is a much better option than something like grinding because you don't want to compromise the lifespan of the asphalt or surface you are working on.

Take a look at what this contractor did to save and refresh this surface. They stripped the failing color and sealer from the concrete so it could be renewed.

Don't Compromise the Lifespan of Asphalt anymore


Dustless Blasting is the perfect solution for jobs that require removing large amounts of line stripe and curb paint while still preserving the surface underneath—even if that surface happens to be asphalt. Check out the video to learn more.

The Best Tool for Paint Stripping

If you need to remove multiple layers of paint in an eco-friendly way that doesn't produce any harmful chemicals or fumes, Dustless Blasting is the perfect solution.

Parking Garage Job

"It blasts the heck out of those lines. Our other machine would use twice as much media and there would be dust everywhere."

Accurate Pavement Stripping
Austin, TX

Other Uses For Dustless Blasting

Pat_Mark_Yacht3 Marine

From large fishing vessels and yachts, to small aluminum boats, you'll be back in the water faster by using the Dustless Blaster.

Application LP - Automotive Restoration-thumb Automotive

Stop sanding, scraping and grinding! See why Dustless Blasting is the best way to strip a car.


Safely remove old coatings, stain, and etch custom designs on delicate wood surfaces.

North Texas Dustless Blasting - Fire Restoration Still - 1-1 Fire Restoration

Don't let fire damage go untreated. Remove soot and smoke damage from a variety of surfaces.

graffiti-luxury-apartments-3 Graffiti

The fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty.

powdercoat-yellow-powder-coat-wheel Powder Coating

Eliminate tough powder coatings from any surface with the most effective tool on the market.

Drivewayblast Concrete

Unlike grinding, Dustless Blasting will not compromise the lifespan of asphalt.

gulf_coast_pool_tiles Pools

Blast away calcium buildup without damage or remove plaster for renovation.