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Price List
graffiti removal from antique brick

Dustless Blasting transforms graffiti-covered building into luxury apartments.

The Project

This five-story industrial building in downtown Houston is about to be transformed into luxury loft apartments.

But first, all the graffiti must be removed before renovations can begin. Even worse, the graffiti has been sprayed over the antique brick and soft wooden support beams.

With Dustless Blasting, you can lower the pressure and choose from a wide variety of abrasives, making it perfect for cleaning delicate substrates, like old brick, without damaging or texturizing the surface.

The Problem

This building proved a particular challenge because it was covered with graffiti inside and out. When working in an enclosed space, dry blasting would fill the area with a hazardous dust cloud and be a nightmare to clean up. 

On the other hand, the water in the Dustless Blasting process suppresses dust and even makes it possible for others to continue working nearby while blasting is being performed. 

Job Details

  • Objective: Remove Graffiti
  • Substrate: Antique Brick, Concrete, Wood
  • Productivity: 500 sq ft per hour
  • Air Pressure: 95 PSI
  • Equipment: DB800 Mobile XL
  • Containment: Plastic sheets on ground to collect media


Why Dustless Blasting?

With the high efficiency and speed of Dustless Blasting, this crew was able to strip this massive five story building in less than four weeks. They were stripping 500 square feet in less than an hour!

  • Remove graffiti, grime, calcium stains, mildew, gum and more.
  • Blast on concrete, masonry, block walls, stone, pools, wood and other surfaces.
  • Reduce airborne dust so others to work nearby, even in enclosed spaces. 
  • Choose from a wide range of abrasives, and adjust blast pressure.
  • Easily switch to dry blasting when necessary. 


Job Profitability

Dustless Blasting offers so many benefits over other paint removal methods, this business owner was able to charge a daily rate of $3,000 for his services.

Want to start your own profitable business removing graffiti, paint, stain, and more? 

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The Result

Finished Luxury Apartments Exterior

Dustless Blasting was able to remove all the old graffiti, paint, and grime.

Finished Luxury Apartments interior

Wood that was once covered in paint now becomes a beautiful exposed feature.

Finished Luxury Apartments bedroom

These features raise the property value and attract residents.

graffiti being cleaned off brick
“We’re on the rooftop of a five story building, pressure is at 95 PSI and there is still enough power to blast media or remove any type of surface. We’re not even at full PSI which would be 150, so imagine what else this machine can do!”
Baldemar Headshot

Baldemar M.
Dustless Blasting Business Owner

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