Marine Maintenance




A marine coating faces extreme environmental factors and when not properly managed, it can cause downtime for additional maintenance and repairs. It is critical to have proper surface preparation so a new coating can properly adhere when applied.

Reveal Blister Damage

Gelcoats can develop blisters that will need to be repaired. Dustless Blasting can remove thick marine coatings to easily expose the blisters.

Suppress The Dust

Dustless Blasting is an OSHA-recommended alternative to dry blasting producing substantially lower dust emissions and lessening the amount of containment required.

Powerful Removal

Easily remove rust, blistering, and tough old marine coatings with abrasive encapsulated in water so particulates are not embedded in the substrate. This means there is a properly cleaned surface that will not affect the integrity of a fresh coating. 

Easy Containment

Simply use Visqueen plastic, tarps, or vacuum systems to contain dust and debris.


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Remove Tough Coatings Safely 


Dustless Blasting equipment can remove the toughest coatings from large shipping vessels and yachts. All while suppressing dust and maintaining safety for workers on dry docks. 


Blast Various Substrates


Whether you're blasting steel, aluminum or fiberglass, you can vary your pressure settings and media to remove failed coatings and corrosion.


Environmental Excellence 


Because there is no dust plume or toxic chemicals, Dustless Blasting systems can be used in areas with strict environmental rules where containment is required.

Remove antifouling paint and open gelcoat blisters.

Antifouling paint needed to be removed from this 54 foot Viking yacht, so that a new layer of antifouling paint could be applied. Many blisters had also developed in the fiberglass gelcoat. These blisters needed to be opened up for repair.

"Marine maintenance has never been this easy or this profitable."

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"I can't even put into words how much Dustless Blasting equipment has contributed to our family and our business."


-Mike Ritz, Owner of Alaska Marine Coatings LLC

Restoring Large Ships and Barges

Mike Ritz from Alaska Marine Coatings has been using a Dustless Blaster since 2014 to restore some of the largest fishing vessels and barges in Alaska. See what he has to say about wet blasting with this equipment.

Blasting A Mega Yacht

Two Dustless Blasting Business Owners team up with their mobile blasting machines to tackle a 250 ft long mega yacht.

Strip and clean fiberglass, wood, aluminum, and steel boats 

See why marinas and boat owners everywhere are requesting Dustless Blasters for their marine maintenance.

Other Uses For Dustless Blasting

Application LP - Automotive Restoration-thumb Automotive

Stop sanding, scraping and grinding. See why Dustless Blasting is the best way to strip a car.

Additional Services Concrete

Easily remove paint, sealer and stain from a wide variety of concrete surfaces.


Safely remove old coatings, stain, and etch custom designs on delicate wood surfaces.

North Texas Dustless Blasting - Fire Restoration Still - 1-1 Fire Restoration

Don't let fire damage go untreated. Remove soot and smoke damage from a variety of surfaces.

graffiti-luxury-apartments-3 Graffiti

The fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty.

powdercoat-yellow-powder-coat-wheel Powder Coating

Eliminate tough powder coatings from any surface with the most effective tool on the market.

gulf_coast_pool_tiles Pools

Blast away calcium buildup without damage or remove plaster for renovation.