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Removing Mineral Buildup from a Fountain Wall

The Project

This beautiful property in Canada features an infinity pool, with dark, glossy tile on the exterior sides where water cascades down.

Unfortunately, only three years after it was built, heavy mineral deposits had collected on the tiles, and the ribbed texture made cleaning nearly impossible.

It was time to bring in Dustless Blasting.

The Challenge

In this case, the contractor chose to blast dry with walnut shell media — a gentle abrasive that won't damage the glossy surface of the tiles. Remember, Dustless Blasting makes it easy to switch between wet and dry blasting.

Because they were dry blasting in a residential area, thorough containment was very important. Skirting off the fountain wall with plastic kept the surrounding property clean. 

Job Details

  • Equipment: DB500
  • Compressor: 185 CFM
  • Nozzle: #5 Venturi
  • Pressure: 75 PSI
  • Blasting Method: Dry Blasting
  • Abrasive: 12/20 Walnut Shell
  • Surface Area: 550 square feet
  • Total Time: 8.5 hours including setup and cleanup

After blasting, the fountain wall looks brand new again.

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From old and crusty to just like new again.


Brand New

When the property was built, the fountain wall was dark and glossy.


3 Years Later

Lots of mineral buildup occurred in only three short years.


Blasted Clean

The fountain wall looks brand new again, and the homeowner was pleased.

“Came out really took us 1 day from skirting to clean up and drive away 8.5hrs.”

Kevin B.
Dustless Sandblasting of Canada

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