Build the future you deserve and be your own boss with Dustless Blasting.


Reap the rewards of all your hard work by being your own boss. The versatility of Dustless Blasting provides the opportunity to make money from multiple revenue streams.


With Dustless Blasting, you can start your entire business for as little as $50k.


Everything is painted, rusty, or dirty — demand is everywhere and never ending. Finding regular clientele is easier than ever with our marketing services.


Not only do you get reliable equipment, but you also get ongoing support from a community of fellow business owners.

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Control your future in a thriving industry.
Based on a nationwide average of $300 per hour of blasting.
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Perform a wide variety of mobile paint stripping & cleaning jobs that your community needs

  • Automotive Restoration
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Heavy Equipment Cleaning
  • Farm Equipment Cleaning
  • Powder Coating Removal
  • Marine Maintenance
  • Concrete & Brick Cleaning
  • Custom Concrete Etching
  • Wood Restoration & Etching
  • Stripe & Curb Paint Removal
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You discover the Dustless Blasting business opportunity and start thinking about if it’s right for you.


It’s official — you're starting a business! Now is a good time to order your printed marketing materials and your Premium Online Presence.


You get continued support from the Dustless Blasting Academy and join our private forum for other equipment owners.

Own the Entire Business For As Little As $50K


Unlike franchises, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can own this lucrative mobile business for the cost of a pickup truck. The total investment depends on your unique situation but often falls between $50k and $116k.

Since Dustless Blasting allows you to make more in an hour than many people make in a day, it truly pays for itself in no time. Plus, financing is available so that you can get started right away.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Answering your questions about Dustless Blasting.

What is a Dustless Blasting business?

The Dustless Blasting business model is simple: you get paid to make old things new again.

You'll perform a wide variety of mobile paint stripping and cleaning jobs that your community needs, such as automotive restoration, graffiti removal, marine maintenance, and more.

Is it a franchise?

Dustless Blasting is not a franchise. There are no fees or royalties, ever. You truly own your business and are free to make 100% of the decisions and keep 100% of the profits.

You still get some of the benefits that come with a traditional franchise, like brand recognition and pre-made marketing materials.

How do I find customers?

Our marketing services are the best way to attract new customers and keep a steady flow of work coming in.

As the experts in the surface preparation industry, we know and utilize all the best techniques for promoting your particular services to your potential customers.

The Premium Online Presence is the top-of-the-line way to reach thousands of people in your area through targeted ads, social media, and much more.

How much money can I make?

Our owners earn, on average, $300 per hour of blasting.

Since Dustless Blasting allows you to make more in an hour than many people make in a day, it truly pays for itself in no time.

How much does it cost to start this business?

You can start the entire business for as little as under $50,000. Plus, there are no ongoing franchise fees or royalties ever.

See the breakdown of the total investment.

How do I learn how to use the machine?

Learning to use the Dustless Blaster is simple, and only takes about 5 minutes. We're always happy to have people stop by and demo our machines. If you pick up your machine in Houston, you can demo the machine with us.

If you can't make it to Houston, our online Academy features helpful articles and videos which will help you become a blasting expert in no time.

Where can I get technical support after my purchase?

If you need tech support after your purchase, the best place to start is by searching the online Academy. If you can’t find an article to answer your question, you can contact tech support here or give us a call at 713-869-2227.

Your compressor will be supported by its individual manufacturer. if you are having compressor problems, you can get tech support here.

What kind of maintenance will I need to do?

In the blast pot, water acts as a natural lubricant. This causes less wear on nozzles, hoses, and valves, which means less time and money spent on replacing parts. The main wear part is the pinch hose, which is just an inexpensive and easy-to-replace section of the blast hose. 

If you perform a lot of dry blasting, you may need to replace your dry blast wear parts from time to time. 

Like any engine, your compressor will require routine oil changes and filter changes. You can refer to the individual maintenance schedule of your compressor in its manual, which can be found here.

Where can I buy replacement parts?

If you need to purchase replacement parts, you can get them in our Online Store 24/7. Next-day shipping and store pickup are available for many items if you need a part ASAP.

Are there competitors in my area?

This one is simple — just Google it! If you can’t find paint stripping & cleaning services near you, chances are, your potential customers can’t either.

However, if you do find a contractor in your area, does that mean you’re out of luck? Of course not — read more about finding your niche and understanding competition here.