removing graffiti with wet abrasive blasting in a parking garage


Graffiti Removal

The fastest way to restore surfaces to their intended beauty.

See it work on antique brick and soft wood.

Safe on Surfaces

Adjust blast pressure to suit a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, and wood.


Recycled glass abrasive is environmentally inert and will not harm vegetation. 

Minimal Containment

Dust is suppressed, so you can work safely in urban environments and even indoors.

Better Than Power Washing

Instead of water alone, the Dustless Blaster uses blast abrasive for powerful coating removal.

sandblasting graffiti on a rooftop structure in houston
removing graffiti under a historic stone bridge
blue graffiti being stripped from brick wall
graffiti removal
man removing graffiti from a rooftop structure in houston
removing vandalism from a concrete wall
vandalized brick building in houston tx


Luxury Apartment Rescue

This five-story industrial building in downtown Houston is about to be transformed into luxury loft apartments.

But first, all the graffiti must be removed before renovations can begin. Even worse, the graffiti has been sprayed over the antique brick and soft wooden support beams.

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Dustless Blasting vs. Power Washing

With Dustless Blasting, there is blast abrasive in the process. It only uses about 90 psi compared to 2600+ psi power washers, because the abrasive does most of the work.

Power washing will remove light staining, but won't effectively remove coatings such as paint, rust, or Bondo. 

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“I have done some brick and graffiti work... beats soda hands down... no regrets getting this system.”

Byron G.
Business Owner

“...our scope is to wetblast all the paint and graffiti off the brick walls...and spray on an anti-graffiti topcoat. Diversify your businesses and go get that work. It is out there.”

Terry P.
Business Owner

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stripping graffiti from a historic stone bridge

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The Dangers of Silicosis: OSHA Rules for Blasting Concrete 

Dust suppression is important when blasting concrete, as the substrate itself can release respirable silica into the air.

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100 Layers of Graffiti

This business owner paid a visit to the famous Graffiti Bridge in Pensacola FL and put his machine to the test.

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Dustless Blasting vs. Soda Blasting

A side by side comparison between soda blasting and Dustless Blasting for the removal of graffiti.

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red paint removal from driveway
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graffiti bring removed from brick wall with dustless blasting

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