Graffiti Removal

The most effective time-saving way to wipe out graffiti and keep your city clean.

Remove Graffiti from antique brick and STONE


Easily remove graffiti without being harmful to the surface or the environment. Dustless Blasting® allows for various blasting techniques and the use of a wide variety of abrasives, all without producing a plum of dust.

Safe on Surfaces

Adjust blast pressure to suit a variety of difficult surfaces including porous concrete, historic brick, and marble.

Easy Containment

With water the dust plume is greatly suppressed, so you can work safely in urban environments.

Eco-Friendly ♻️

40/70 recycled glass media is environmentally inert and will not harm vegetation.

Better Than Power Washing

Use less water and be more effective with coating removal by incorporating blasting abrasive.


community cleanup


Help your community reclaim the neighborhood. Work safely in urban environments with minimal containment.

historical preservation


Use the Dustless Blaster to preserve and protect historically significant architecture and landscapes.

“We worked closely with the chief environmental officer for the city as we were a few feet from a water course. We also had a few spectators from the city as it is a historical bridge, and they didn’t want any damage, which is why we blasted wet.”

Terry P.
Dustless Blasting Owner/Operator

real jobs. real paychecks.


See how these Dustless Blasting business owners made BIG BUCKS by offering graffiti removal services using this abrasive blasting system.

Luxury Apartment Rescue

With the high efficiency and speed of Dustless Blasting, this crew was able to strip this massive five-story industrial building in less than four weeks. They were stripping 500 square feet in less than an hour!

Local News Highlight

"Members of the Greater East End Management District's Graffiti Abatement Team use the new blaster, which makes it easier to clean up difficult surfaces like concrete, asphalt and limestone rock."

Other Uses For Dustless Blasting

Pat_Mark_Yacht3 Marine

From large fishing vessels and yachts, to small aluminum boats, you'll be back in the water faster by using the Dustless Blaster.

Additional Services Concrete

Easily remove paint, sealer and stain from a wide variety of concrete surfaces.


Safely remove old coatings, stain, and etch custom designs on delicate wood surfaces.

North Texas Dustless Blasting - Fire Restoration Still - 1-1 Fire Restoration

Don't let fire damage go untreated. Remove soot and smoke damage from a variety of surfaces.

Application LP - Automotive Restoration-thumb Automotive

Stop sanding, scraping, and grinding. See why Dustless Blasting® is the best way to strip a car.

powdercoat-yellow-powder-coat-wheel Powder Coating

Eliminate tough powder coatings from any surface with the most effective tool on the market.

gulf_coast_pool_tiles Pools

Blast away calcium buildup without damage or remove plaster for renovation.