Optimize Your Operation

Save your business time and money by bringing all of your surface preparation needs in-house.

Stop Outsourcing

Save thousands and prioritize quality by bringing your surface preparation in-house.

Reliable, Quality Equipment

Our equipment is built in the USA and is held to the highest industry standard. Pressure vessels are rigorously tested and certified, and all blast pots have a lifetime warranty.

Replace Traditional Methods

Introducing your most productive employee! Dustless Blasting is the fastest and most effective way to clean. No more hours wasted sanding, scraping, or grinding.

OSHA Compliance Made Easy

Dustless Blasting makes it easy to comply with OSHA standards. Wet blasting with this system increases visibility and prevents spent media from becoming airborne, creating a safer environment for workers.

Money Saved By Bringing Dustless Blasting In-House

Control your future in a thriving industry.
Based on a nationwide average of $300 per hour of blasting.
Weekly Blast Hours
Yearly Revenue Earned

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How Companies Use Dustless Blasting Equipment

Add Revenue Streams

  • Add a lucrative new service to your business
  • Leverage your existing customer base

Replace Existing Processes

  • Stop wasting time on traditional methods that are less efficient
  • Save money by bringing processes in-house

Single Project Use

  • Less containment and cleanup
  • Easily switch between dry and wet blasting with this versatile machine
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Real Companies who are using Dustless Blasting

Fleet and Collision Jobs

See how a fleet and collision companies are saving time and money by using Dustless Blasting.

Refinery Saves $52,000

Dustless Blasting saved this company $52,000 in containment and cleanup costs.

Large Ships and Barges

Alaska Marine Coatings has used the Dustless Blaster since 2014 for all their restoration needs. See why.


“After 30 years in the surface restoration industry, I've used just about every sandblaster on the market. I bought my Dustless Blaster back in 2014, and never looked back."

Mike R.
Business Owner

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