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man sandblasting white paint from metal rail

The Industry

Join the quickly expanding mobile paint stripping & cleaning industry. 

Unlimited Revenue Potential

With thousands of potential jobs out there, you'll find plenty of work. 

Many of our business owners settle into a lucrative niche, optimizing their money-making potential. 


Remove rust and coatings so the metal can be restored.


Blast away unsightly graffiti and beautify your community.


Remove antifouling paint, marine growth, and more.

Swimming Pools

Erase paint, coatings, and unsightly calcium buildup.

Heavy Equipment

Clean grime and strip old coatings away.


Strip failing sealer, paint, stain, and grime.


Remove weathering, stain, paint, and sealer.

Custom Etching

Create custom designs, signs, and monuments

Vapor Disinfection

Large-scale disinfection of high-touch services

cleaning black paint off patio furniture
Wet Abrasive Blasting
abrasive blasting a 1977 toyota land cruiser
Dry Abrasive Blasting
man applying black paint to a freshly blasted dump bed
Painting, Sealing, & Priming
two men in hazmat suits applying vapor disinfectant at a store
Vapor Disinfection

Show me some real-life jobs.

Antifouling paint stripping from 54' yacht

bottom paint removed from a yacht


28 Bags of Media: $280
26 Gallons Diesel: $100
Plastic for Cleanup: $40

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$3,080 in 10 hours

Jobs like antifouling paint removal are part of regular hull maintenance that must be done periodically to any boat.

There are over 12 million registered boats in the United States alone!

See full case study

Graffiti removal from a historical bridge



16 Bags of Media: $160
8 Gallons Diesel: $25

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$2,127 in 4 hours

This business owner removed graffiti for the city of Austin.

Municipalities can be lucrative clients, providing jobs like fire hydrant stripping, line stripe removal, or heavy equipment stripping.

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Vapor disinfection of a manufacturing facility

man in PPE applying disinfectant to bathroom


45 oz Disinfectant: $20
7 Gallons Diesel: $14

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$3,100 in 9 hours

This business owner saw an opportunity to help his community in the wake of COVID-19.

He used his specialized equipment to disinfect high-touch areas, so essential personnel can work safely.

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Brick wall restoration with no etching or pitting

white paint removed from brick home


80 Bags of Media: $800
58 Gallons Diesel: $150

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$4,650 in 20 hours

The homeowners wanted the white paint removed from their house, to reveal the beauty of natural brick. 

There are countless brick homes, fireplaces, and exterior walls that could use this service.

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Paint & rust removal from 34' boat

heavy paint and rust removed from boat bottom


14 Bags of Media: $140
7 Gallons Diesel: $22

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$994 in 3.5 hours

This business owner said his fan nozzle made a big difference in how quickly he was able to strip this 34’ boat, completing it in only 3.5 hours. 

See full case study

Pioneering a brand new industry.

You can join the $10 billion mobile paint stripping and cleaning industry that’s growing year after year.

“I had more business than I could handle. I made my investment back in about 2 months.”

Ryan W.
Business Owner

“What impressed me most is the fact that you can etch concrete very well. You can put an inlay directly in concrete in a short amount of time, with nothing but crushed glass, air, and water.”

Maximilian M.
Business Owner

“Love my machine been busy for two years straight do mainly heavy equipment. Machine works great... you can make great money.”

Chris S.
Business Owner