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Price List
restored antique new orleans water meter cover



Restore history by stripping away years of rust, paint, and grime.

Gentle Abrasives

For delicate substrates, choose to blast with a soda, walnut, or other soft abrasives.

Remove Rust

Strip away years of rust and grime.

Repair, Don't Replace

Save history by breathing new life into old antiques.

Variety of Abrasives

Blast wet or dry with a variety of eco-friendly abrasives based on the job.

restored vulcan foot plate from antique barber chair
restored antique new orleans water meter cover
old rusty coca cola cooler restored
rust removed from antique water pump


Restoring History at the Railroad Museum

Rick stripped away 70 years worth of industrial paint and heavy rust from this old train car. 

Then, he used his powerful compressor and built-in auxiliary air connections to apply a coat of primer and paint. 

Dustless Blasting mobile machines make it easy to add services — like painting, sealing or priming — to your business. 

"This is the only one left in existence. We're going to make it look brand new again."

Blast Off Mobile Blasting

“If you're going to prepare a customer's car frame for paint, don't forget to ask if they might have any "smalls" laying around that the wife may like to have done...they are both getting something done they will appreciate.”

Bryan B.
Mobile Business Owner

“It has been a great tool and it’s definitely paid for itself. We’ve been able to do a lot of jobs we couldn’t have done without it”

Jonathan M.
Mobile Business Owner

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paint removed from antique old brick

Case Study: Graffiti Removal from Antique Brick

Dustless Blasting is the non-damaging approach to removing graffiti from soft substrates.

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etched personalized wooden sign

Wood Restoration and Etching with Dustless Blasting

Did you know you can etch custom designs into stone and concrete? 

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gentle or tough

Tough or Gentle for Maximum Flexibility

You can go from blasting solid steel to antique brick and wood. 

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What else can you use this versatile tool for?

Explore more applications.

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