removing paint from a dump bed


Heavy Equipment

For industrial strength coatings, you'll need the world's most powerful tool for restoration.

See it in action.

Powerful Cleaning

A powerful mixture of water and abrasive obliterates industrial-strength coatings with ease.

Less Downtime

The fast process with minimal cleanup gets you back up and running in no time compared to other methods.

Repair, Don't Replace

By removing rust and other contaminants, you’ll extend the lifespan of your machinery and see better performance.

Variety of Abrasives

Blast wet or dry with a variety of abrasives, including crushed glass, slag, garnet, and more.

tipper body that has been sandblasted
heavy rust removed from trash mover
red tractor with paint removed
paint removal from handle on industrial equipment
heavy rust stripped from an axle
red tractor paint removal
aggregate machine blasted and painted
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Heavy Equipment De-Painting

Brad from Welsh Collision shows us how he uses the Dustless Blaster to remove paint from industrial equipment before he re-coats it.

"This machine can get in there where hands and sanders just can't."

Brad W.
Welsh Collision (Commercial Division)

“Asphalt overspray and a bad line leak taken care of for a last minute customer who has an EPA inspection coming up Tuesday. It looked really bad but nothing that 40/70 glass and water couldn’t deal with. Even I was surprised how easy it came off. There doesn’t seem to be anything this machine can’t remove.”

Randall C.
Mobile Business Owner

“Love my machine been busy for two years straight do mainly heavy equipment... machine works can make great money.”

Chris S.
Mobile Business Owner

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john deere tractor being sandblasted

Farm Equipment Maintenance

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thick paint layers on paint racks

SUPER THICK Paint Removal

Think your coatings are too tough? Think again. These paint racks are covered in dozens of layers of rock-hard paint.

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manufacturing of an abrasive blast pot

Dustless Blasting Factory Tour

See how these bulletproof blast pots are made from raw steel.

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What else can you use this versatile tool for?

Explore more applications.

graffiti removal from concrete wall
Graffiti Removal
red paint removed from stamped concrete driveway
Concrete, Stone, & Brick
flaking paint removed from curb
Line Stripe & Curb Paint
yellow powder coat removed from a wheel
Powder Coat Removal
heavy rust removed from a 1962 impala
Auto Restoration
restored wood deck
Wood Restoration
sandblasting a concrete mixer

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