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Dustless Blasting in the News

Abrasive Blaster on lift cleaning the top of a rocket with american flag in background

JULY 29, 2020

Monumental Cleaning Job Honoring Late Astronaut

Work by ALE Surfacing is bringing some sparkle back to the Gus Grissom Memorial in Mitchell, Indiana. 

Heath Grissom, who manages the business for its namesake and his mother, Anna Lisa Easterday, explained he's a third cousin to Virgil "Gus" Grissom. 

"He was quite a a man," Heath said in a telephone interview with the Times-Mail.

He added he's deeply honored to be doing the work, especially at a time when so many monuments in the United States seem to be under attack. "Mitchell is proud of their monuments," he commented. 



Eagle Scout Ethn Huntington Lifeguard Dory Restoration 6

JUNE 29, 2020

Local Teen Restores Historic Boat with Dustless Blasting

This San Diego teenager turned an old wrecked boat into a museum's prized possession.

The 1950's lifeguard dory boat had been donated to the San Dieguito Heritage Museum in 2012, but it had been sitting in disrepair behind the museum building. 

"Lifeguards used to haul it out into the ocean back in the 1950s, to save lives" says Eagle Scout Ethan Huntington. 

The museum agreed to let Huntington restore the boat as part of his Eagle Scout service project. 

"There was rust's such an old boat, it's highly possible that it was toxic marine paint."

Huntington used his own savings to hire a Dustless Blasting contractor to clean up the boat, helping it get back to its former glory. The lifeguard dory is on display, delighting visitors for years to come. 

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MARCH 25, 2020

Seabrook business reinvents itself to survive, fight coronavirus

As a longtime customer of MMLJ, AK Wet Works has a small fleet of Dustless Blasting units at their disposal.

Although this equipment is normally used for stripping paint, rust, and grime, AK Wet Works retrofitted their machines with the Dustless Blasting® Vapor Adapter. This allows them to spray a disinfecting vapor that's safe, but effective against viruses like COVID-19.

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David Reed BTU Supply COVID-19 Disinfecting - 3

David Reed BTU Supply COVID-19 Disinfecting - 2

APRIL 15, 2020

Pennsylvania man disinfects fire & police stations free of charge.

David R. nicknamed his DB500 Mobile S the “BTU corona-killer” after he repurposed it with the Dustless Blasting® Vapor Adapter.

On Tuesday, he brought it to the Bradford City Fire Station to disinfect surfaces free of charge. He’ll visit the Bradford City Police Department on Thursday, and he hopes to disinfect at other fire departments and police stations in the area, free of charge.

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