Vapor Adapter

Apply disinfectants to protect your community from the spread of disease.


Dustless Blasting Vapor Adapter®


Dustless Blasting Vapor Adapter®

Single and dual models are available.


  • Pressure Regulator
  • Stainless Steel Fittings
  • Quick Connect Couplers
  • High Rated 25' Pressure Hose
  • Wand with vapor nozzle

What’s Included:

  • Instructional Video to install your adapter
  • Single or Dual Operator Adapter
  • One or Two wands with high pressure hose

Preventing the spread of disease during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this crisis, our inspiring business owners showed the good side of humanity. They kept their communities safe by providing disinfection services.

Demand continues for this crucial service, and you can provide it with the Vapor Adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions


Answering your questions about Vapor Adapter Equipment.

What is the Dustless Blasting Vapor Adapter?

This attachment will create a way to deliver a vapor mist from the blast pot that is filled with water and a hospital grade disinfectant concentrate.

How much does it cost?

$425 for the single operator model, $655 for the dual operator model.
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How long is the hose?

The included hose is 25 feet. You can extend the hose, but if extending over 100 feet, we recommend adding an anti-foaming agent.

How do I attach it?

A instructional video showing you how to retro-fit your blaster with the adapter is included in your purchase. Video will be delivered via email within 2 business days of your purchase.

Is it loud?

Based on blast pot and blowdown valve adjustment, you may want to purchase a muffler to reduce noise. We suggest using a small engine muffler with 3/4” NPT thread.

These are inexpensive and readily available from a local hardware store.

What’s the difference between pressure washing and the Vapor Adapter?

Our Corona Killer delivers vapor application which does NOT create harmful runoff to the environment or storm drains.  Our system uses pints versus 5 to 12 gallons a minute which when pressure washing is not controllable.

Also, any excess water usage is a waste of solution which costs you money.

Join the fight against disease in your community.

With any Coronavirus (COVID-19) decontamination strategy, any application needs to take into account the most current and updated guidance issued from applicable sources, including but not limited to, OSHA, EPA, and the Coronavirus Task Force, etc. Given the novel nature of Coronavirus (COVID-19), MMLJ, Inc. disclaims any and all warranties and/or representations related to any product and/or application’s effectiveness.