Optimize your operation.

Less dust. Less containment. More productivity.

Stop Outsourcing.

Become your own best vendor.

Save time and prioritize quality by keeping your surface preparation in-house.

Replace Traditional Methods.

No more sanding, scraping, or grinding.

Dustless Blasting is the faster, cleaner way. Use 33% less abrasive than dry blasting.


Bulletproof build quality.

  • All equipment is manufactured in Houston, Texas, USA
  • Build quality is held to the highest industry standards
  • Pressure vessels are rigorously tested, and backed by multiple certifications
  • Lifetime warranty on blast pots
  • Full factory support on all equipment
Ultra-reliable Venturi Suction Abrasive Delivery

As opposed to a gravity-fed system, Dustless Blasting uses a Venturi suction delivery system. The abrasive and water are pulled from the bottom and exit the top.

Gravity Fed System
  • Multiple valves, wear parts, and intricate control boxes
  • Prone to failure
  • Parts are often proprietary to the manufacturer
Dustless Blasting
  • A simple system
  • No proprietary valves
  • You’ll never need a field tech to come service it

Rigorously tested and approved. 

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ped certified
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made in america

OSHA Compliance Made Easy

OSHA recommends using a wet abrasive delivery method — such as Dustless Blasting — as a primary means of protecting workers.

  • Dustless Blasting makes it easy to comply with OSHA standards.
  • Water encapsulates the abrasive and coating being removed, which prevents them from becoming airborne and being inhaled.
  • Significant dust reduction increases visibility, reducing accidents. 
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How are companies using Dustless Blasting equipment?

Add Revenue Streams

  • Add a lucrative new service to your business
  • Leverage your existing customer base
A garbage truck company adds revenue 

Replace Existing Processes

  • Stop outsourcing your abrasive blasting
  • Save money by bringing processes in-house
  • Replace old methods like sanding, scraping, or grinding
A collision center saves time & money 

Single Project Use

  • Less containment and cleanup
  • Use 33% less abrasive than dry blasting
A refinery saves $52k on a single job
“This companies equipment and processes are absolutely above and beyond their claims!! Love your equip!!”

Todd G.
Equipment Owner

“MMLJ lifetime warranty on parts they made!! They are Really great about honoring it!!”

Dave K.
Equipment Owner

“I bought a db800 blasting pot. I’ve had it for 5 years. Very dependable unit. Only changed out the pinch hose a few times.”

Robert K.
Equipment Owner

Dustless Blasting is Proudly Used By

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