abrasive blasting a stone building in ramsbottom


Concrete, Stone, & Brick

Powerful removal. OSHA recommended.

Remove coatings, or etch and texturize hard surfaces.

Safe on Soft Substrates

Pressure and flow are easily adjustable, for cleaning a variety of surfaces including antique brick.

Eco-Friendly Blast Media

Recycled glass media ensures that you won't harm nearby plant life and will comply with governmental regulations.


Wet blasting is recommended by OSHA to protect workers from potentially hazardous airborne particles.

Strip Any Coating

Paint, stain, sealer, grime, graffiti, line stripes, calcium or oil stains, mildew and more.

white paint removed from a stone building
white paint removal from two story brick house
soot removal from stone building
white paint stripped from a brick home


Restoring a Brick Home

Using 40/70 recycled glass a a blast pressure of 80 PSI, this contractor was able to remove white paint from the home without damaging the brick underneath.

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OSHA Silica Rule Compliance
  • A wet delivery method, like Dustless Blasting, is recommended by OSHA to protect workers from potentially hazardous airborne particles.
  • This is critical in concrete applications, as the substrate itself can release respirable silica into the air.
  • Dustless Blasting traps and grounds these dangerous particles, protecting workers and those nearby.
Comply with EPA Regulations
  • Recycled glass abrasive is environmentally inert and will not harm vegetation.
  • Because the dust plume is suppressed, blasting is easily contained. It may be performed near water or in environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The best choice for jobs where compliance to EPA standards is crucial.
“What impressed me most about the demo is the fact that you can etch concrete very well. You can put an inlay directly in concrete in a short amount of time, with nothing but crushed glass, air, and water.”

Maximilian M.
Mobile Business Owner

“The Dustless Blaster has made my job so much easier. Jobs that took several days with multiple employees can now be done in less than an hour.”

Bruce H.
Mobile Business Owner

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The Dangers of Silicosis: OSHA Rules for Blasting Concrete 

Dust suppression is important when blasting concrete, as the substrate itself can release respirable silica into the air.

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restoring a car with abrasive blasting
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flaking red paint removed from curb
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yellow powder coat removed from wheel
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blasting soot and smoke damage from stone building

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