How do I price jobs?

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Learning how to price your services, balance your costs and expenses, as well as managing your time is an important part of running your business. We have plenty of resources and information to help you run your operation smoothly and successfully.

Ballpark Pricing

Of course, the value of these jobs varies across the country, but we've found these prices to be about average.

Automotive Stripping

The value of auto stripping varies across the country, but we have compiled a ballpark price list that we've found to be about average. Our blasting systems can remove paint, primer, rust, body filler, under coating and powder coating in one step. This is extremely valuable to your potential customers, and helps differentiate you from the competition.

Outside Body $850
Inside Body $300
Outside Panels $75
Inside & Outside Panels $125
Hood Outside $125
Hood Inside $75
Trunk Outside $100
Trunk Inside $75
Door Jambs $250
Disassambled Car $1,350
Wheel $35

Fiberglass Boats

The general cost to strip a fiberglass boat is $35 per linear foot if the boat is less than 35 linear feet long.
For boats over 35 feet long you charge the length of the boat in feet times the linear footage of the boat.
For example, if a boat is 45 feet long you would charge $45 x 45. If the boat is 70 feet long you charge $70 x 70. If you are required to contain and dispose of all blasting products you may want to add $10 per linear foot to that amount.

54" Viking Yacht
Location: Marina
28 Bags of Media $280
Plastic bags for easy capture under the boat $40
Diesel $35
Actual Blast Time 7 Hours
Billed to Customer $3,500
Total Expenses $355
Gross Profit $3,145

Graffiti Removal

We recommend charging between $3.50 - $5 per square foot, with a minimum of $200 - $300. This price range also works for removing paint from masonry and concrete.

Blasting 6' x 12' Graffiti
Location: Side of Business
1 Bag of Media $10
Diesel $5
Actual Blast Time 8 minutes
(1 Hour Minimum Charge) $300
Billed to Customer $300
Total Material Cost $15
Gross Profit $285

Parking Stripe Removal

Parking stripe removal is generally charged by linear foot. It varies, but generally $3 / linear foot is a good ballpark figure. Sometimes there are multiple layers of lines that can be more difficult to remove than just one, so it's a good idea to blast a test area to make sure you know what your production rate will be. In this case study, the contractor was able to remove about 10 linear feet per minute.

Blasting a Multi-level Parking Garage
850 Linear Feet x $1.50/foot
6 Bags of Media $60
Diesel $8
Actual Blast Time 1.5 hours
Billed to Customer $1,275
Total Material Cost $68
Street Sweeper Fee $75
Gross Profit $1,132

Pool Tile Cleaning

Calcium deposits are not only unsightly, but they detract from the value of a pool and can even damage expensive filtration equipment. The Dustless Blaster takes care of even the toughest calcium scale buildup in no time. In addition, nearby neighbors who see you blasting might want your services for their own pools!

Blasting a Backyard Swimming Pool
185 Linear Feet x $7/foot
4 Bags of Media
Diesel $12
Actual Blast Time 2.5 hours
Billed to Customer $1,288
Total Material Cost $172
Gross Profit $1,116

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