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Your True Costs: Dustless Blasting® vs. Franchising

It's not a franchise, it's better.

Your True Startup Costs FINAL

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, you’re probably familiar with franchising. Just like Dustless Blasting, franchises give you an easy way to start a business, with the training and support you need to succeed. Where they differ is the cost.

Cost Comparison: Franchising vs. Dustless Blasting

With Dustless Blasting, you get all the same benefits as a franchise but for a lot less money. Let’s compare the startup costs:

Franchise Fee

Every franchise company requires you to pay an initial franchise fee, and most are between $20,000 and $50,000 (source). But since Dustless Blasting is not a franchise, of course you’ll pay no fee at all.


Most franchisees are required to pay ongoing royalties, which are usually a percentage of your gross revenue. It’s typically about 5 to 6 percent (source). With Dustless Blasting you truly own your business, and will never have to pay royalties or ongoing fees.


If you buy a retail franchise, or any franchise where you are selling a specific product, first you’ll have to stock up on inventory. For example: a popular mobile tool dealer franchise requires their distributors to pay between $63,000 and $86,000 just for an initial inventory. Any unsold inventory laying around is a huge money sink.

Of course with Dustless Blasting you’ll have to purchase some supplies too, mainly blast abrasive and Rust Inhibitor. All this depends on how much work you do, but if you blasted for 10 hours a week or 40 hours a month, those consumables would cost about $2,000 per month. However, in that same month you would make around $12,000, based on the nationwide average of $300/hour!


Both franchises and Dustless Blasting offer training. When you come to pick up your machine, we provide free hands-on training and a factory tour of our facility. Later, get continued support from the Dustless Blasting Academy, a private community of fellow business owners, and our tech support experts.

Business Registration

Whether you're franchising or starting a business with Dustless Blasting, you will need to register a business name. This varies based on your state, but the basic cost of filing for a Texas LLC certificate of formation is $300.

You also might need a contractor's license depending on your scope of work and what state you are in, but again, this cost varies by state. 

Lastly, business insurance is a cost that will need to be factored in.  This can vary by state and level of coverage.

Your Total Investment

The total investment can be as low as under $50k. See the full breakdown here:

The Total Investment 

Dustless Blasting vs. Franchising

Dustless Blasting is a unique opportunity because it requires a low initial investment and quickly pays for itself. We love hearing from our successful contractors — like Chuck, who was able to pay off his machine with his very first job.

Or, hear from Steve, a former franchise owner who grew tired of the astronomical monthly fees. He started a Dustless Blasting business so he wouldn't have to work for anyone else. 

Want to see the cost of Dustless Blasting compared to other popular franchises?

Cost Comparison: Franchising vs. Dustless Blasting

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