What is my total investment?

February 25, 2020
What is my total investment?

Every business opportunity requires an initial investment, but the costs can vary based on your unique circumstances. 

Find out what to expect for your total investment  when starting a Dustless Blasting® business. 

db500 mobile xl trailer

Dustless Blasting® Equipment

Choosing the right equipment is an important consideration. It affects the kind of jobs you can perform, and will probably make up the majority of your investment. When starting a business, most people choose a model between the DB500 Mobile S and DB800 Mobile XL.

Still wondering which model is best? Read Which Dustless Blasting Mobile Should I Choose?

LOW END: $43,500
DB500 Mobile S

HIGH END: $59,500
DB800 Mobile XL

navy blue chevrolet pickup truck


In addition to the trailer, you'll also need some kind of vehicle to tow it. Not sure if your current vehicle can handle it? Find out here. 

You already have a capable vehicle

HIGH END: $40,000
Approximate MSRP of a base-model Chevy Silverado 3500. Of course, higher trim levels can make a big difference in price. 

40/70 recycled crushed glass blast abrasive

Blast Abrasive

You will also need to start with some blast abrasive. We recommend 40/70 recycled crushed glass, because it is inexpensive and works for a wide variety of substrates.

Most people source their abrasive from a local vendor, or the Dustless Blasting Online Store.

LOW END: $400
One pallet of abrasive, which lasts for about 10 hours of blasting

HIGH END: $1,600
Four pallets of abrasive, which last for about 40 hours of blasting

dustless blasting rust inhibitor jug

Rust Inhibitor

Rust Inhibitor is necessary if you plan to wet blast metal items such as vehicles, trailers, or metal buildings. Learn more about Rust Inhibitor here.

If you don't plan to blast metal substrates

HIGH END: $450
10 gallons of Rust Inhibitor, which is enough for approximately 23 hours of blasting


Business Insurance

We recommend a $1M general liability policy, which generally runs $75–150 per month.

LOW END: $900/year
First year premiums

HIGH END: $1,900/year
First year premiums

Truck & Trailer Insurance

Ask your current provider if you can bundle this with your current auto policy to save money. 

LOW END: $500/year
First year premiums

HIGH END: $2,000/year
First year premiums

website for a mobile sandblasting business

Digital Marketing

Effective digital marketing is the best way to get new customers, and keep a steady stream of work flowing in.

We have developed several digital marketing packages, especially for Dustless Blasting business owners, that take all the guesswork out of marketing. They include a website, Facebook and Instagram business pages, $1,500 worth of online advertising, nd more. Learn more about The Importance of Marketing.

LOW END: $4,000
Basic Online Presence

HIGH END: $8,995
Premium Online Presence

trifold brochures for a dustless blasting business

Printed Marketing

Printed marketing materials, such a trifold brochures, business cards, and banners are also a great way to generate business.

No Printed Marketing

HIGH END: $645
Ultimate Marketing Bundle

rpb nova 3 respirator

Nova 3® Comfort System

During blasting, we require hand, ear, and eye protection. A great way to stay safe (and comfortable!) is the RPB® Nova 3® Comfort System.

The helmet comes with a climate control module that is like wearing your own personal A/C system. Learn more about why blasting operators LOVE the Nova 3® here.

LOW END: $20
Earplugs, safety glasses, and leather gloves from a store like Harbor Freight

HIGH END: $1,124
Nova 3® Comfort System

Total Investment

After adding everything up, the initial investment can be as low as under $50k.

LOW END: $49,320
HIGH END: $116,214

Keep in mind, financing is available to well-qualified borrowers. 

Still sound like a daunting price? It all depends on how you think about it.

We understand that $50k is a lot of money, but it's also no more than the price of a nice pickup truck. And unlike a pickup truck, the Dustless Blasting system gives you the ability to earn, on average, $300/hour.

That’s the kind of money-making potential that our business owners are raving about — and allows them to make back the initial investment in no time.

“Between yesterday and today, I closed another 5 deals, ranging anywhere from $800–$10,000.The business is everywhere.”
— Patrick G, Business Owner

For those with an entrepreneurial mindset and good work ethic, we think it's the best startup opportunity out there.

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The Total Investment

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