Dustless Blasting®

Rust Inhibitor

It's all in the name.

Takes just seconds to use.
Prevents rust for days.

Prevents flash rust for up to 72 hours

Non-hazardous and biodegradable

A quick, one-step process

Leaves a primer-ready surface behind

See it in Action

New Rust Inhibitor


How does it work?


Dustless Blasting Rust Inhibitor® decreases the water’s surface tension, allowing it to penetrate the pores of the surface and remove contamination, including salts, acids, light oils, and greases.

This also removes byproducts of the blasting process (shattered abrasives, dried paint) lodged within the pores of the surface, allowing for the strongest bond possible between the surface and the coating.

Dustless Blasting Rust Inhibitor® leaves behind no unwanted residue, and evaporates completely, giving you a surface that is clean and primer-ready for up to 72 hours.

Our 1,000+ mobile contractors say that Dustless Blasting® Rust Inhibitor™ is better than the rest.

"I've tried a few different brands, but MMLJ Rust Inhibitor blows them out of the water. Keeps flash rust away for days."

— Glenn M.
Business Owner

"I have had really good results with the rust inhibitor from MMLJ."

— Steve B.
Business Owner

How to Use

  1. 1.) Blast with Rust Inhibitor Treated Water
    Mix with water in a 1:100 ratio. This cleans the metal & prevents it from being embedded with chlorides.

    2.) Rinse with Rust Inhibitor Treated Water
    After blasting, the metal still needs a final rinse. Use the same ratio as the first step.

    3.) Remove Standing Water from the Metal
    Use a leaf blower or compressed air to remove any standing water from the metal. 

    4.) Avoid Re-Contamination
    Dirt, body oil and moisture all cause rust. Be sure to wear clean rubber gloves when handling the metal.


Model Water Abrasive Rust Inhibitor
DB150 5 gal 50 lbs 7 oz
DB225 10 gal 100 lbs 14 oz
DB500 20 gal 200 lbs 28 oz
DB800  30 gal 300 lbs 42 oz
DB1500 75 gal 750 lbs 105 oz
DB3000 150 gal 1500 lbs 1.5 gal

The Future of Surface Preparation® deserves the most advanced rust prevention.

5-gallon easy-pour container


55-gallon drum