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veolia north america refinery


Veolia saves $52,000 in refinery cleaning project.

Because Dustless Blasting is so easy to contain, this company eliminated the scaffolding and hoarding costs associated with traditional sandblasting. 

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“Veolia’s dustless blasting services minimized containment costs and eliminated scaffolding requirements, saving the customer time and money.”

Tom Fitzpatrick
Account Manager, Veolia North America

fish hatchery tanks cleaned up

Fish hatchery speeds through tank cleanup.

Power washing was not enough to clean the calcium and algae that had built up in these fish hatchery tanks. Dustless Blasting allowed them to speed through the cleanup process without contaminating the nearby operational raceways. 

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“It took two weeks and four guys to remove the calcium and algae from these fish tanks. With Dustless Blasting, we finished it in two days.”

Dave C.
Arizona Game & Fish

abrasive blasting orange paint off heavy equipment

Collision center blasts hard-to-reach area on industrial equipment. 

Welsh Collision Center saves time by using the Dustless Blaster to prepare heavy equipment for new coatings.

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“As you can see, this machine gets into areas where hands and sanders just can't.”

Brad W.
Welsh Collision Center

“This companies equipment and processes are absolutely above and beyond their claims!! Love your equip!!”

Todd G.
Equipment Owner

“MMLJ lifetime warranty on parts they made!! They are Really great about honoring it!!”

Dave K.
Equipment Owner

“I bought a db800 blasting pot. I’ve had it for 5 years. Very dependable unit. Only changed out the pinch hose a few times.”

Robert K.
Equipment Owner


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