DB350® Flex Cart

Unleash Mobility and Precision with the DB350 Flex Cart: Your Ultimate Dustless Blasting Solution

Revolutionary and Essential Blasting Equipment

 Introducing our latest innovation: the Dustless Blasting Flex Cart! We've revolutionized the blasting experience with a new, sleek Dustless Blaster and mounting it on a compact cart equipped with smooth casters for effortless maneuverability within your workshop. Ensure optimal flexibility and portability with the ability to transition from the workshop to the truck bed. Boasting a comprehensive design, this compact unit includes an integrated air dryer and cooling unit, requiring a 110+ CFM air compressor for operation. Embrace efficiency without compromise—this versatile blast setup delivers the same unmatched performance of our other blast pots. Your blasting needs just found their perfect match. Discover the power of mobility with the Dustless Blaster Flex Cart!

Favorite Features

DB350 flex cart_mini air dryer

Mini Air Dryer and Cooler

The DB350® Flex Cart comes equipped with a mini air dryer and cooler, a game-changing feature that elevates the blasting experience. This integrated system not only ensures efficient wet blasting, but also provides a consistent and dry airflow for effective dry blasting. The compact yet powerful air dryer and cooler contributes to maintaining optimal operating conditions, allowing users to seamlessly transition between wet and dry blasting techniques.

DB350 Wheels

Ultra-Premium Layouts

The DB350® Flex Cart introduces a unique mounting system, offering users the freedom to choose the setup that best suits their operational needs. The first option, mounted on wheels, facilitates effortless mobility within a workshop. The second mounting option features a flat skid design, strategically crafted for swift and secure lifting with a forklift. This alternative promotes versatility for those requiring mobility beyond the workshop, enabling easy loading onto trucks for on-the-go projects. 

DB350 Flex Cart power

Ample Power Supply

With two distinct power options, users can tailor their blasting needs. The first option offers the convenience of 120V AC power, allowing easy connection to a wall plug or extension cord for efficient operation in a workshop setting. Meanwhile, the second option provides 12V alligator clips, similar to our existing ADCS carts. This innovative flexibility empowers users to connect to a battery from their compressor, ensuring the DB350 Flex Cart adapts effortlessly to various power sources.


DB350 Blast Pot
Dry blast, wet blast or soda blast for 45 continuous minutes before needing to refill.

Mini Air Dryer and Cooler
Essential for efficient dry blasting and achieving the finest surface finish.

Skid Mounted
Easily move within a shop on smooth casters with locking capabilities

Dimensions: 50" X 31" X 74"

Compressor requirements: 110 CFM

Features mini air dryer and cooler that cools, cleans, and dries air up to 425 SCFM

Dual power Options:

  • 12V AC Power Supply - Allowing user to plug into a wall or extension cord.
  • 12V Alligator clips - Allowing user to connect to a battery on their compressor, etc.

Fan Favorites

The DB350 Flex Cart recently made its television debut on "My Classic Car" with Dennis Gage, where it garnered enthusiastic acclaim for its prowess in surface preparation and undeniable value for auto body shops. Gage, renowned for his automotive expertise, highlighted its versatility, emphasizing the ability to effortlessly tackle a spectrum of sandblasting tasks crucial in the restoration process. 

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