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"About Us" Examples

Need help writing your "About Us" section?

Feel free to copy and paste any of these examples, or mix and match, or simply get some inspiration. 

Example A

YOUR COMPANY NAME brings the power of Dustless Blasting® to you. 

We serve the YOUR AREA area and specialize in mobile media blasting. We provide services in a wide variety of markets, including residential, automotive, marine, and industrial.

Using the Dustless Blasting system, we can remove virtually any coating — including paint, rust, grime, stain, sealer, powder coating, graffiti, mineral deposits, and more.

This eco-friendly method will not harm nearby vegetation, and it suppresses the dust plume, keeping the surrounding area clean. 

Stop sanding or grinding and let YOUR COMPANY NAME do the tough jobs for you. Contact us for a free quote! 

Example B

YOUR COMPANY NAME is a local, family owned and operated business. We use Dustless Blasting technology to provide you with the fastest, cleanest, and greenest method for surface preparation.

We can remove virtually any coating from any surface. Paint will eventually fail, metal will eventually rust, and surfaces will get dirty. YOUR COMPANY NAME can be the answer to your surface preparation and restoration needs to remove what is left of old coatings making a smooth clean surface ready to be made new again.

We are proud to service a wide variety of industries including automotive, marine, residential, commercial, and industrial.

Not sure if something can be media blasted? Call or email us with your project questions and needs! Quotes are always free!

Example C

YOUR COMPANY NAME serves the YOUR AREA area, and uses the latest in Dustless Blasting technology for all your surface preparation needs. We come to you!

We specialize in automotive paint removal, powder coating removal, marine maintenance, commercial fleet vehicle and heavy equipment cleaning, graffiti and stripe removal, surface cleaning, brick and wood restoration, and more!

Call today for a free quote!