Price List
Price List

Cleaning a limestone monument in honor of late astronaut Gus Grissom.

The Project

In Mitchell, Indiana, you’ll find a 50 foot tall limestone depiction of a Mercury rocket.

This monument serves as a memorial for astronaut Gus Grissom: a Mercury astronaut & America's second man in space.

One of our contractors, who is actually Gus Grissom’s third cousin, had the opportunity to clean up the monument, which was covered with years of grime.

The Challenge

Limestone is a porous, delicate substrate that can be damaged by other methods. The city first attempted to clean the monument with pressure washing, which chipped away the soft stone and damaged the lettering.

Dustless Blasting was the ideal solution, not only because it cleaned the limestone without damage, but also because it required no bulky containment. 

"[The city] loved it, because they've seen water towers getting done, where people set up big containment structures. And you don't need to with this machine. It all falls right to the ground and it doesn't go anywhere, it doesn't make a big mess, it cleans wonderfully."

Heath Grissom, ALE Surfacing LLC

Job Details

  • Objective: Remove discoloration and grime
  • Location: Mitchell, Indiana
  • Substrate: Limestone
  • Equipment: DB500 Mobile XL
  • Air Compressor: 185 CFM
  • Nozzle: SLV #6
  • Pressure: 80 PSI with a large standoff distance
  • Blasting Method: Wet Blasting
  • Abrasive: 20 bags of 40/70 Crushed Glass
  • Area: 50 ft tall monument
  • Time: 2 days (including setup and cleanup)
  • Containment: Plastic sheets on ground to collect media


Job Profitability


20 Bags of Media: $200
18 Gallons Diesel: $36

Billed to Customer


Total Profit

$3,764 in 2 days

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Dustless Blasting for Stone Surfaces


Safe on Surfaces

Pressure and flow are adjustable, for cleaning a variety of surfaces including concrete, brick, limestone, and more.


Minimal Containment

Since the dust plume is suppressed, you can work safely near buildings, roads, and people with minimal containment.


No Water Runoff

Compared to pressure washing, Dustless Blasting cleans more quickly and uses far less water. See Comparison.

“When you do limestone, you want to start off at a large standoff distance, and then start stepping into a comfortable blasting zone.”

Heath Grissom
ALE Surfacing LLC

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