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Heavy Equipment

For industrial strength coatings, you'll need the world's most powerful tool for restoration, the Dustless Blaster. 


Heavy machinery has industrial strength coatings, which is problematic for other removal methods. The Dustless Blaster, with its powerful mixture of water, abrasive and a highly focused nozzle can remove the toughest coatings with ease.

No Warping

Although the Dustless Blaster is the world's most powerful tool for restoration, it doesn't mean you have to worry about damaging your equipment. Water is used in the removal process, which reduces heat and friction, resulting in no warping.

Back to Work

Any down time for your heavy equipment is lost time. With Dustless Blasting, you can remove difficult coatings quickly and with less clean up, getting your machinery and tools back up and running in less time than other methods.

Protect Your Investment

Heavy machinery is an expensive investment. Keep them running longer and better by keeping them free of rust and other contaminants using the Dustless Blaster.

Versatile and Powerful

Our contractors use the Dustless Blaster on a variety of heavy machinery including bulldozers, forklifts, tractors and more. Look at the remarkable work done for this industry.
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Are you ready to be more efficient, cost-effective and quicker in removing rust, paint, debris and other contaminants from heavy equipment and tools?