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Private Facebook Community

official dustless blasting facebook group

A forum especially for mobile business owners.

Benefit from the experience, technical knowledge, and perspectives of other business owners across the country.

This active community is hundreds strong, and discusses topics like:

  • Determining job pricing
  • Picking the right media
  • Choosing blast pressure
  • Sharing job leads
  • Collaborating on large projects
  • Advice on painting & other services 

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If you own a used machine, please contact to verify your equipment. 

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“Sometimes another perspective is good, which is why I found this group. Good advice and seems like a great group of people that don’t mind helping each other be successful!”

Charles B.
Mobile Business Owner

“My business has taken off like a rocket because of some of the advice ive gotten around here.”

David S.
Mobile Business Owner

“ I have been reading a lot of great posts and links from everyone, thank you.”

Ross N.
Mobile Business Owner