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db500 mobile s driving on midwest road

Success Stories

Our business owners say it best themselves. 

Our owners come from all kinds of backgrounds, but have one thing in common: they want to invest in their future.


Steve's Story

Steve has a unique perspective, because he owned a franchise for years, before he got sick and tired of the high fees. 

He was drawn to Dustless Blasting because of how much support he receives after the sale, without having to pay a cent in franchise fees.

“I’m not having to write a check for 10% at the end of each month. Trust me, that gets expensive. The support is here, without [the franchise fees.]”


Max & Violet's Story

After discovering Dustless Blasting on Youtube, Max was intrigued. He did several months of market research and realized there was a demand for mobile blasting in his area. 

Max and Violet came all the way from Canada to pick up their equipment, so they could see the factory and get hands-on training. 

“We've already drummed up about 5 or 6 jobs that are waiting for us as soon as we come home.”


Bobby's Story

Even though Bobby already owned a business, he knew he could profit by adding Dustless Blasting. He is leveraging his current customer base and adding revenue streams. 

“I'm blasting things like they owe me money. And I'm having fun! And the way this stuff is self contained — it just dropped right to the ground. No plumes of dust anywhere.”

“I think it's recession-proof.”

Jeff O.
Business Owner

“I have 3 Blasting Rigs Now and really enjoy what I do...All hard work and time to get where I’m at today and still working on growing the business and learning. I am able to provide for my family during these times and am grateful.”

Brettly O.
Business Owner

“Just approaching 6 months [in business] and already approaching $135k-$145k. I believe based on my numbers and how busy we are we should pass quarter mil our first year.”

Patrick G.
Business Owner