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The Process

What to expect on your path to business ownership

Stage 1: Introduction Call

An informal chat between you and a Startup Business Advisor, where we:

  • Discuss what it's like to be a mobile blasting business owner
  • Answer any questions you might have
  • Send you information to help you decide if this opportunity is right for you
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Stage 2: Due Diligence

In this stage, you will learn more about the industry and discover your niche based on your interests, experience or connections. This understanding will help you:

  • Find the services you’ll offer in your area
  • Attract customers with our marketing packages
  • Figure out the details you need to consider registering a business name, etc.

Stage 3: Make a Plan

During this stage, a number of exciting things happen.

  • Confidently select the machine that fits your needs
  • Understand your earning potential based on hours worked
  • Choose the best way to pay for the equipment: a commercial loan, personal loan, cash, etc.

Stage 4: Prepare for Launch

Get ready to roll! With your new turn-key mobile business, you’re ready to:

  • Pick up your machine or have it delivered to you
  • If desired, receive hands-on training in our Houston, TX facility 
  • Drive to that first job, and start making money! 

Stage 5: Ongoing Support

Once we’ve sold you the equipment the relationship doesn’t end there. 

  • Be added to our private Facebook community of owners/operators just like you. You’ll always have a support network to discuss the industry and get advice.
  • Get our weekly Customer Newsletter and training articles from the online Academy.
  • If you ever have questions, your technical advisor is only a phone call away.
Are any of you so busy you have no clue what to do? 😳 I'm very fortunate to have so much work...I had no clue that business was gonna grow this fast in a short period of time.

Patrick G.
Business Owner

The equipment was the best investment I ever made. I got 2 machines now and will be purchasing my 3rd next year.

Adrian S.
Business Owner

Going through starting a business is scary but with the support of the company behind me is wonderful. You don't see that anymore these days and to have this support is the best!! Thank you Dustless blasting

Cameron G.
Business Owner

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They made the process easy and took the time to answer my questions.

Don R.
Business Owner

I need to buy more equipment. The amount of business that I’ve got off one DB500XL is ridiculous. I thank MMLJ for that, the way they promote everything, the way they make their commercials….whatever they do, it helps us.

Patrick G.
Business Owner

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