Potential Media Blasting Jobs & Applications

There is no shortage of jobs you can take on or partnerships you can form when you are the owner of a media blaster. Media blasting machines such as the Dustless Blaster can be used to take off a wide variety of unwanted coatings off of almost any surface. Cars, pools, and buildings that need to be cleaned or stripped before repainting are amongst the most common, but when you look around, it becomes clear that any kind of surface can use a media blaster at some point in its lifespan. We will take a look at some of the major industries that frequently call upon media blasters, as well as some notable niche jobs that could be around you!

Major Industries


Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry is one of the most sought-after by media blasters, due to its need for efficient surface preparation. Dustless Blasting blast pots are the go-to tool for rust removal, paint stripping and more - a must-have in any auto body shop or collision repair center. With these tools at their fingertips, technicians can streamline projects while maximizing profit...allowing them to deliver high quality results faster than ever before!

Dustless Blasting business owners have the opportunity to make a lasting impression with shop owners and fleet vehicle manufacturers to secure consistent projects. This innovative machine provides ultimate flexibility with its adjustable pressure settings and blasting methods, allowing operators to tailor their process for each task at hand - from dry-blasting interiors spaces to wet-blasting body panels for best results. Gain success quickly by offering results that exceed expectations!

Pool Industry

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Pool resurfacers now have the power to quickly rid pools of unwanted layers such as paint, plaster or calcium deposits. Media blasting provides an effective solution which saves time and money – effortlessly removing tough coatings in a fraction of what it previously took with time consuming hand-grinding. What was once a long process can be done within hours thanks to revolutionary Dustless Blasting machines! The power of your media blasting equipment can also be adjusted for delicate jobs, so you can switch from aggressively removing plaster, to gently cleaning pool tiles. Dustless Blasting allows the use of many types of blast media, enabling the technician to choose the best abrasive materials for every job on top of applying appropriate pressure settings for excellent results. You can read more about the different kinds of media blasting abrasives here.

Residential Industry

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In addition to its effectiveness in pool restoration, media blasting machines are highly versatile for various residential applications. They have the capability to remove coatings from a wide range of surfaces found in and around residential areas, including wood siding, beams, and concrete driveways. The media blasting method is suitable for both indoor and outdoor projects, and can be applied to delicate surfaces such as antiques and wood, while still retaining its strength to remove coatings.

As wood homes age over time, weathering can cause deterioration. Media blasting offers a gentle solution for rejuvenating the exterior of wood houses without causing any damage or mold growth, as opposed to pressure washing. By eliminating old paint, grime, or dirt, media blasting can effectively provide a fresh, clean appearance for your home. Furthermore, this technique is also well-suited for use on brick, stucco, and stone surfaces.

With Dustless Blasting's portable machine options, you can easily take your blasting equipment directly to the job with ease. Simply attach the blast trailer to your vehicle and get to work.

Marine Industry

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Over 12 million boats in the United States alone require maintenance on a regular basis. The powerful blasting capacity of media blasting can strip multi-part epoxy paint and can be adjusted down to remove antifouling paint from fiberglass boat hulls safely, without damaging the gel coat. Media blasting equipment can take on any ship from small john boats to large yachts or even large shipping vessels and barges. Every boat needs routine maintenance, so forming a strong connection with local marinas and boat owners is a surefire way to receive consistent business.

With a speedy stripping time of just three hours for a 35-foot boat, the media blasting method is more efficient than any other, while also being environmentally friendly. Due to its minimal dust and contaminant production, others can work nearby without adverse effects, and the blasting byproducts can be quickly and easily contained without the need for complex and costly containment. Dustless Blasting has gained worldwide popularity among contractors in ship repair and other industries, providing lucrative earning opportunities for Dustless Blasting owners.

Notable Niches

Fire Restoration

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We've mentioned that Dustless Blasting machines are able to blast both wet and dry, but it also has the capability to soda blast. Soda blasting is an effective and increasingly popular method for fire damage restoration due to its numerous benefits. Firstly, it is a non-destructive and gentle process that does not harm delicate surfaces, such as wood or masonry, that may have been affected by the fire. Soda blasting also neutralizes odors caused by smoke, as the sodium bicarbonate particles absorb and eliminate the odor molecules. Moreover, soda blasting is environmentally friendly, as it produces no harmful chemicals, and the spent media can be easily disposed of. This process is also a time-efficient solution, as it can remove soot, char, and smoke damage in one step, saving time and money compared to other restoration methods. Finally, soda blasting can reach tight spaces that are difficult to access, ensuring that all the areas affected by the fire damage are cleaned thoroughly. Soda blasting provides a fast, efficient, and eco-friendly solution for fire damage restoration. With your ability to offer this surface, you can partner with insurance companies and find lucrative jobs in your area repairing fire damaged surfaces.

Antique Restoration

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As we now know, media blasting is a gentle and non-destructive method of surface preparation. It can remove years of built-up dirt, grime, and paint from antique pieces without damaging them. This makes it an excellent choice for restoring the appearance of antique furniture, sculptures, and other valuable pieces. Additionally, dustless blasting can be used to remove rust and other forms of corrosion that may be present on antique metal pieces, such as cast iron stoves, metal figurines, and antique tools. The process can also be used to clean delicate surfaces, such as wood carvings or glass, without causing any damage. Antique shops or pawn shops that are always receiving new items in need of some touching up are great customers for quick media blasting jobs.

Powder Coating

Media blasting is designed to impart a robust anchor profile to your substrate, providing an optimal foundation for coating re-application. Dustless Blasting brand rust inhibitor solution ensures the prevention of flash rust and leaves the surface of your substrate immaculately clean and well-prepared for the application of a new layer. Contacting local powder coating businesses to see if they could use your services, or if they know of anyone looking for removal in the area is a great method for generating business.

Sandblasting for traditional powder coating removal can be a protracted process and may not always be preferred. The introduction of water in the Dustless Blasting process elevates the machine's mass and energy output, leading to a substantially accelerated procedure when compared to dry blasting. Moreover, the cooling effect of water on the powder coat renders it brittle, facilitating its flaking off instead of becoming viscous, as in the case of heat generated by dry blasting.

Concrete/Line Stripe

Efficient removal of existing finishes, such as deteriorating paint and aged sealers, is critical to ensuring proper surface preparation for subsequent repainting or refinishing. The versatility of media blasting is can be seen in it's concrete treatment, where the risk of undermining the lifespan of asphalt is eliminated. It also allows for safe removal of line stripes from roadways and similar substrates.

Additionally, media blasting enables controlled pressure adjustments, empowering operators to produce custom designs with an etching effect. Removing line stripe from local roadways or parking lots and garages, removing old paint or sealer coatings, or etching designs allow for your business to be the most versatile concrete surface preparation company in your area.


Odd Jobs

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Everything around you has some form of coating. This means that the time will come for the coatings to be stripped to make way for a new fresh coat. We are always sent odd jobs, from monster truck frames, to 30 foot tall fall festival pumpkin statues. You never know where your next job may come from in the media blasting industry, because jobs can quite literally come from anywhere! 

The opportunities available to Dustless Blasting business owners are endless. While this list provides a glimpse into the potential applications for media blasting, there are countless other industries that can utilize the media blasting method. By taking advantage of effective marketing strategies, such as promoting your business to everyone you meet and utilizing our professionally printed marketing materials, you can establish a strong reputation and increase the visibility of your services.

If you want to read more about all things media blasting, take a look at our blog here. With dedication and hard work, the possibilities for success in the media blasting business are limitless.

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