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How Dustless Sandblasting Makes Your Business Better

What is dustless blasting?

Dustless Blasting is a revolutionary process that helps companies and contractors from all different backgrounds speed up their productivity in surface preparation. If there is an unwanted coating standing in your way, this system takes it out of the equation quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Many companies aren't aware of the three-in-one sandblasting, soda blasting and wet blasting machine that we offer, so lets go over a few questions business owners have before they purchase a dustless blasting machine.

A Mobile Dustless Blasting Unit can Improve your business by being able to go to the job.

How can a dustless blasting machine help my business?

STOP outsourcing.


The first way owning a dustless blasting machine can help is by keeping your surface preparation in-house. Adding a dustless sandblasting blasting machine to your business allows you to stop outsourcing your surface preparation jobs and increase turn-around time. Thus, saving your company time and money. After just one use use of this machine, Bruce from Inno-crete stopped using outside teams to remove sealer from concrete on his jobs because they took several days to finish, hear his story.


When the work gets done faster everybody wins.

In the world of sandblasting, speed is king. Keeping the highest level of efficiency is a top priority for business owners and that's why adding a dustless sandblasting machine is a must. Whether you're sandblasting, vapor blasting, soda blasting, or dustless blasting you can ensure that deadlines will be met and profit margins will be maintained.

With a Dustless Sandblasting Industrial machine anything is possible.

This equipment makes your company several times more efficient than sanding, scraping, grinding and even caustic chemical stripping. Our patented Dustless sandblasting process delivers more mass and force than the traditional sandblasting process. This means less media usage and more business. Watch Welsh Collision Center talk about their experience with adding a Dustless Blasting mobile paint stripping equipment to their business.


Keeping your workers safe and your business OSHA compliant.

Owning a dustless blasting machine makes it easy to conform with OSHA standards because OSHA recommends the wet abrasive blasting method over traditional sandblasting. The main reason OSHA approves the dustless sandblasting process is because water encapsulates the abrasive and the coating that is being removed ultimately preventing either of them from becoming an air borne hazard that could be inhaled. Moreover, using an eco-friendly and harmless abrasive such as 40/70 recycled crushed glass, which contains no crystalline silica like that of traditional blasting sand. This as well as significant dust reduction and increased visibility help protect your employees and reduce accidents. If you want to learn more, check out our post on how dustless blasting keeps your worker safe and OSHA compliant. 

What benefits does dustless Sandblasting have over other blastING EQUIPMENT?

All blast sandblast pots are made in Texas and have several reason to choose above the rest..


Withstanding the test of time and constant use in the field, forges reliability.

All of the Dustless Blasting equipment is manufactured in Houston, Texas that means our units are American made and have iron clade build quality that is held to the highest of industry standards. Our pressure vessels are rigorously tested and backed by multiple certifications. Watch how our  sandblasting pots are made start to finish. Building a blast pot to those standards enables us to have full lifetime warranties on all of our blast pots. To top it all off, we make sure your investment into dustless blasting is safe one by offering full factory support on all of our equipment to give you and your company peace of mind if any situations arise. See why dustless blasting stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Dustless Blasting is used by companies and organizations all over the world.

The build quality isn't the only thing that makes our dustless sand blasters ultra reliable. Our blast pots use a Venturi suction abrasive delivery design, as opposed to an outdated gravity-fed system that is prone to clogging and has a limited range of usable blast media. Our design actually pulls the media and water from the bottom of the pot and then is pushed out the top. Gravity fed systems are prone to failure due to having multiple valves and wear parts, and needing intricate, proprietary parts that have to be shipped from the manufacturer directly. Our dustless sandblasting system is simple. There are virtually no moving parts that could fail, and you can change all of the valves on the fly. You will never need to hire a field tech for maintenance because we have all the how-to videos and instructional support available to you at the click of a button.

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Containment and cleanup

Environmental excellence.

Since we all are floating through space on the same blue and green rock it is important to us that we take care of the place we call home. Since wet blasting captures the debris with water, a job site that is utilizing the dustless sandblasting process can easily contain and clean up all spent abrasive and surface coatings. Thus, letting you leave the site as clean as you found it. This is extremely important if you live in one of the prettiest places in the world. Mike Ritz from Alaska Marine Coatings spoke with us on Episode #3 of Pointer with the Pros to recount his experience about working in one of the most regulated bays in America. Our process complies to EPA and DEQ regulations due to the fact there is virtually no dust plume or toxic chemicals in use. In addition, the dustless sandblasting process can be used in areas with strict environmental rules and regulations because there is very little runoff thus making it simple to contain.

Episode #3 Of Pointer With The Pros

Unrivaled dust suppression.

Dustless Blasting equipment is uncomplicated and effective by mixing the water, air, and abrasive within the blast pot. You no longer need all the other steps and complex products used by other machines. Other sandblasting machines either inject water into the stream of media with complex aftermarket fittings or they mix the media and water together mid stream through complex valves and hoses. Our dustless blasting design is a simple system that is easy to set up, refill and continuously blast with. See what the main difference are is between Dustless Blasting and sandblasting


Blast wet or dry, with any abrasive.

This unique dustless sandblasting pot will allow you to quickly and easily change from dustless sandblasting to dry blasting. You can use any abrasive in the dustless blasting system. Watch how to choose the right abrasive. 

Some common blasting abrasive choices are:

  • Crushed Glass
  • Copper Slag / Coal Slag
  • Sand
  • Garnet
  • Organics (Walnut, Corncob, Soda, etc.)

How are companies using dustless blasting equipment?Watch what coatings dustless blasting can remove for your business

Add Another Revenue Stream

There are so many companies out there trying desperately to add more income to their business in order to stay on top of any dips in the economy and or fortify their business against any world calamities that might arise. Just by adding a dustless sandblasting pot to your setup allows you to add surface preparation and cleaning to the list of things you business can do. By leverage your existing customer base and charging the correct amount, you will soon realize the massive amount of work and income potential that is out there. Here are just a few examples.

Replace Existing Processes

Ending the cycle of outsourcing and depending on someone else's work that could jeopardize your company's image. Just the act of bringing the process in house will save you money. If you already are in the surface preparation world or utilize abrasive blasting, you can enhance your versatility by switching to a dustless system which will enable you to get the job done in strict or highly regulated areas as well as being able to use any abrasive. Not to mention you will be using a more reliable machine that has all the training and factory support you need.

If your company has been looking add another business revenue stream for either more options to expand or another way to get the your surface prep done you can learn all about this process with a Dustless Blasting catalog or download a price sheets to see why adding a dustless blasting machine is a great idea and to figure out which machine is right for your business.

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