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Why There is High Demand for Dustless Blasting

If you're looking for demand in your area, luckily you don't have to look too hard. Watch the video below to see a just a few of the countless jobs that can be done in your area.

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Just take a look around, and you'll start to notice all these opportunities.

Fire Hydrants: Your area probably has hundreds of fire hydrants, and the paint must be refreshed from time to time. Get a contract with the local government to blast these hydrants, and make extra money by re-painting them too.

Driveways: Color, stain and sealer fail with time and use, and eventually need to be refreshed. Or, homeowners stain their driveway the wrong color, and their HOA forces them to change it. Thinking bigger? Hotels have larger driveways and larger budgets.

Classic Cars: Hobbyists know that good surface preparation is they key to getting a good result on their project car. 

Modern Cars: Get in touch with used car dealerships. When they bring in cars from cold climates, they often need to remove rust from the frames before applying new undercoating. 

Graffiti: Unsightly graffiti plagues businesses, schools, and public areas, and you can remove it. For extra revenue, apply an anti-graffiti coating when you are done, giving your client peace of mind.

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Farm Equipment: Farms have equipment, miles of fences and railings, fuel tanks, and silos that suffer from rust and need to be blasted and re-coated. 

Powder Coated Items: Powder coating companies need to correct mistakes or wrong colors, which means they need your blasting services. Or, wheel repair businesses need to remove powder coating and chrome from wheels.

Boats: If you live near the water, you're in luck. Boat owners must get their antifouling paint stripped and reapplied every few years. You can even get a contract with a marina, giving you access to hundreds of boats. 

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Parking Lots: Parking configurations need to be changed or lines need to be refreshed, and there's no faster way to do this than Dustless Blasting. 

Curbs: Businesses need to redo old flaking curb paint, or need to update the color (different colors have different meanings).

Pools: Pool owners struggle with calcium buildup at the water line. Or, they need to remove paint from the entire pool for renovation. 

Heavy Equipment: Dump trucks, garbage trucks, cement trucks, and wood chippers take a beating. Connect with businesses that own this equipment. Even better, look for equipment rental or resale companies — they need to clean up old equipment to get it ready to sell. 

Stairs and Railings: Contact property management companies — they need to maintain hundreds of flights of exterior stairs at condos and apartment complexes.

Smoke and Soot: Our mobile trailers are capable of soda blasting, which lets you remove fire damage and deodorize at the same time. Your local fire department or disaster restoration company can subcontract you for this kind of work. 

When you stop and think about it, the demand is everywhere. Pretty soon, you'll start to notice lots of things in your area that are painted, rusty or dirty — these are all potential jobs. 

Now that you have lots of ideas for things that need blasting, you might be wondering how much you can charge for them. Download this guide to figure out pricing and get more ideas:

Discover the Demand in Your Area



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