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Dustless Blasting or Sandblasting? A Decision Made Easy



You no longer have to choose between wet blasting or dry abrasive blasting because the Dustless Blaster can do both. But how can you tell which method of blasting is best for your project? Let’s go over a few specific details that will make the right choice clear.


Dustless blasting is a common blasting method. It’s great for working on jobs that may have other people or properties nearby because it reduces the dust plume. Blasting in residential places, such as in neighborhoods or on busy streets, is made easy and doesn’t disturb anything nearby. With the right containment system it will also make clean-up a breeze in these populated areas.

When it comes to automotive blasting, wet blasting reduces potential warping that can be caused by traditional methods such as sandblasting. When blasting surfaces for inspection purposes wet blasting allows for better visibility to the area you are trying to expose. 

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Sandblasting, or dry blasting, is the go-to method  when a job calls for organic abrasives, such as corn cob or walnut shell. A common job you may come across that requires material like this would be blasting natural woods, such as log cabins or wooden furniture. 

When you need to use a soda abrasive, dry blasting is the choice here too because most soda dissolves too quickly in water. This method it highly effective for jobs like fire and smoke damage restoration.


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Dry abrasive blasting leaves less residue on the project itself. So if you have a project that features plenty of hard to clean spots, such as car parts or chassis, then dry blasting will be a more efficient alternative. 

With your Dustless Blasting machine, alternating from wet blasting car panels to dry blasting the internal pieces is incredibly easy. For more information on going from wet to dry blasting, check out this article.

If you are interested in learning more about what your Dustless Blasting machine can do, click here to access our online training database.

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