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Dustless Blasting Factory Tour with Two Guys Garage

Watch us on Two Guys Garage!

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Recently, we had the pleasure of hanging out with Kevin Byrd from Two Guys Garage. He made the trip down to Houston, TX to check out the skilled American manufacturing that goes into each and every one of our blast pots. 

We know that the easiest way to do things is not always the best...so let's take a factory tour to see what makes our equipment so reliable.

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---4A plasma cutter makes precision cuts in the blast pot head. 

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---7Pots are made with 1/4" SA516 grade 70 steel.

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---8The cone flange is attached.

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---11The blast pot starts to take shape on the the submerged arc welder.

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---15Legs are cut and attached to the blast pot. 

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---16A fresh coat of paint is applied.

Two-Guys-Garage---Episode-1902---See-it-Made---April-2020---20Even the trailers for the mobile equipment are manufactured in house.

Catch us again on Two Guys Garage! Watch our next appearance on Friday, May 1 at 1:30 PM CT on MotorTrend.

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