Go Beyond Blasting and Maximize Your Business' Profits


These days, it isn't enough to just be good at one thing. Versatility, mobility, and flexibility are more important than ever for business owners. And the same goes for tools. If you're going to invest in a tool, why not get one that has multiple uses?

dustless blasting blast pot

Our blast pots alone are remarkably versatile. Confidently tackle blasting jobs wet or dry, with any abrasive. Throw it on one of our mobile trailers and you've got a mobile powerhouse, capable of handling virtually any surface restoration job with ease.

The money-making opportunity doesn't stop there. Clever business owners are maximizing their revenue potential by providing extra services. 

Go Beyond Blasting

When your clients needs' don't stop at abrasive blasting, neither should you. Take full advantage of your machine's powerful compressor and auxiliary air ports to offer additional services that bring additional value to your customers and more income for your business.

beyond blasting paint prime seal servicesOffer painting, priming, and sealing services in addition to blasting. Become the surface restoration one-stop-shop for your clients.

vapor disinfecting services Use the vapor adapter attachment to provide disinfecting surfaces in your community.

pneumatic air blowerThe ADCS (included on mobile trailers), gives you a clean, dry air supply to power various air tools. Use your powerful compressor to power any sort of pneumatic air tool you need. A pneumatic blower can be useful to remove standing water from a surface after being treated with rust inhibitor.

nova kitOffer your services in comfort. A long day's work doesn't have to feel like one with a climate-controlled blast respirator.

be ready for any challenge

Our machines provide the opportunity to make money and bring value to your community in many different ways - you get to decide where you'll make your mark. Don't limit yourself with a business that can only succeed one way. Think differently with Dustless Blasting.

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