Dustless Blasting Works On Wood?


There have been a few pictures of wood restoration projects recently and I thought it was a great example of the versatility of our machines. Did you know our machines blast wet(dustless) or dry? Refinishing wood can be tricky and this versatility gives contractors the ability to handle a variety of abrasives like glass, soda, walnut or corn cob to accommodate different types of wood. So it's true, Dustless Blasting works on wood!



With Dustless Blasting you can maintain the integrity of a wood's surface and easily remove paints, stains, polyurethane and lacquer with blast media that is Eco-friendly. By using various nozzle sizes and blast pressures, choosing wet or dry, you can ensure that your restoration project will look amazing. 

The restoration process can be done easier and faster than any of the older methods allowed because Dustless Blasting works on wood!

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