How To: Custom Etching for Stone and Wood

custom etching

The Dustless Blaster is great for removing paint, grime, and rust, but that's not all it can do. Etching custom signs and monuments is a great way to add income streams to your blasting business, and it's easy to do with any of our machines!

Stone Etching

Whether you're etching a custom logo or design into a concrete floor, or etching names into a stone monument, Dustless Blasting can handle it. We've even seen people create headstones!

custom designs etched into stone and concrete

Photo credit, from left to right: Accublast, Fast Blast Peedee's Dustless Blasting

To etch stone, all it takes is a vinyl stencil. Check out your local sign shop — most will be happy to create a stencil for you. They can even use a material called "sandblasting vinyl" which is specifically made to withstand the forces exerted by blasting. Simply apply the stencil, blast away, and peel it off to reveal your work.

If you can't get a vinyl stencil, another option is to use a metal stencil. This is especially good if you can lay it on the ground and use weights or your foot to keep it in place. One advantage of metal stencils is that they can be reused over and over again.

metal template used to etch a skull design into concrete

Photo credit: Peedee's Dustless Blasting

We've seen Dustless Blasting etch even the hardest materials, like something called "black absolute granite" which is one of the hardest granites on Earth's surface. Check out the video below to see it in action!

Wood Etching

Our contractors are creating beautiful custom wood signs by etching with their Dustless Blasting machine. Just like with stone or granite, you can use vinyl or metal stencils to etch wood and achieve a surprisingly deep profile.

examples of custom wood etching designs

Photo credit, from left to right: Jim Downey, Jim Downey, Frankie Lane

Just check out how beautiful the finished product is after painting.

neighborhood sign creation process with wood etching

Photo credit: Frankie Lane

We're always amazed at the number of income streams you can bring in with Dustless Blasting. If you're ready to work for yourself by doing jobs like this, it might be a great opportunity for you. Learn more at our Start A Business website!

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