DB1500® Offshore

The DB1500 is perfect for everything from small jobs to a much larger industrial projects. It is the BEST CHOICE for commercial use by employees. It holds up to 75 gallons of water and 750 lbs of abrasive, which allows up to 2–3 hours of continuous blast time. Its higher capacity means fewer refills for greater productivity. This machine typically uses a 375 CFM or larger compressor.

Learn more about why Dustless Blasting is the best tool for the offshore industry. 

DB1500 Blast Tank:

  • 15 Cubic Foot Capacity

  • ~2–3 Hour blast time per fill

  • Blast Pot Dimensions: 76" H x 48" W x 46" D

  • Total Dimensions: 90" H x 88" W x 48" D

  • Weight: 838 lbs

  • Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI

  • ASME / PED / CE Compliant

  • Texas Edition - Internal Parts Manufactured of Hardened Steel


  • 100 foot Blast Hose

  • Deadman Activator Valve

  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

  • Bulk Load Fill Funnel with Pop-up Gasket

  • BA-375 Air Dryer / Cooler which allows for dry blasting and soda blasting, in addition to Dustless Blasting

  • Built-in 150 Gallon Water Tank

  • 48 GPM Water Pump

  • Lifetime Warranty on Blast Pot
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