2-3 hour continuous run time, PURPOSE-BUILT FOR OFFSHORE WORK


DB1500® Blast Pot

2-3 hour
continuous blast time per fill

Lifetime Warranty
on blast pot

Made in the USA
in our one and only Houston facility

  • 15 Cubic Foot Capacity
  • Holds 750 lb of abrasive per fill
  • Holds 75 gal of water per fill (when wet blasting)
  • ~ 2-3 hour blast time per fill
  • Dimensions: 76” H x 48” W x 46”D
  • Weight: 838 lbs
  • Operating Pressure: 30-150 PSI
  • ASME / CRN / PED / CE Compliant
  • Texas Edition: Internal parts manufactured of hardened steel
  • Lifetime Warranty on Blast Pot

Included Accessories

  •  100 ft Blast Hose
  • Deadman Activator Valve
  • Tungsten Carbide Nozzle (SLV #7 or 8)
  • Bulk Load Funnel with Pop-up Gasket
  • 150 gallon Water Storage Tank
  • 48 gpm Water Pump
  • ADCS-2500 Air Dryer / Cooler



  • The Dustless Blasting process produces no sparks, which is critical on an oil rig. The contained nature of the blasting also means that nearby workers remain unaffected by the process.


  • We understand the importance of keeping a rig up and running, even during required maintenance. Our equipment's highly-effective unique mixture of water and abrasive suppresses dust and produces no ignitable sparks, thus requiring no shut down.


  • We're fully compliant with environmental regulations, and we continuously stay updated on the latest rules and regulations regarding our environmental impact, especially regarding rigs.

Removing paint from an offshore oil rig is a big task.

Luckily, the Dustless Blaster is the perfect tool for offshore maintenance. Because it uses less water and media than traditional methods, there is less material to transport to and from the shore.



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