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What is the Dustless Blasting Academy?

The academy is our go-to resource for customers and members of the Qualified Pre-Owned program. It includes videos, articles, and expert advice from engineers, blasting business experts, and contractors like you. 

🔥 Trending articles:

Choosing the Right Abrasive
Dustless Blasting allows you to use a wide variety of abrasives, either wet or dry. For wet blasting, any abrasive that sinks in water and is not water soluble can be used. However, abrasives that are dirty or have a very inconsistent particle size can cause problems, such as sputtering or clogging of the machine...

How to Take Great Photos and Videos of Your Blasting Work
Taking photos and videos lets potential customers see the quality of your work — so they know they can trust you with the job...

Containment and Cleanup Tips
When a large project is completed, it's likely that it will be too heavy to pick up the entire sheet of plastic at one time. We recommend cutting it into sections to make it easily manageable. In the video below, you can see the plastic sheet method of containment...

Blast Nozzle Selection Guide
Using the system wet, the nozzles last a very long time — years of life. Because water eliminates the friction, there is very little wear on the nozzle. Wet or dry blasting, differences in grit size and aggressiveness, and many other factors will affect the lifespan. Watch us put different nozzles to the test here...

Surface Area Calculators (for pricing jobs)
When pricing jobs, you will often need to know how much surface area you are blasting. Use the calculators here as helpful resources...

Not a customer yet? We have a full library of resources to research Dustless Blasting equipment, or you can always contact our team if you have a question. 


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