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Price List
truck towing the db500 mobile xl down a residential street

Dustless Blasting®
Mobile Trailers

Pioneer a brand new industry.

Made to Move

Bring your equipment to the job site to tackle any challenge. 

Powerful Compressor

Each mobile trailer includes a high-volume compressor to power your equipment.

Unbeatable Build Quality

Manufactured with pride in Houston, TX.

Go Beyond Blasting

Wet blast, dry blast, run air tools and paint guns, and more — all from the same machine.

Mobile Trailers

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Choosing a trailer is easy.

Start with the right blast pot capacity for your jobs. Our mobile trailer line has blast pot options from 5 to 30 cubic feet of capacity, for continuous blasting from 1-6 hrs between refills.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Choose a compact model that fits in a standard size garage, or choose the upgrades that fit your business: additional blast pot capacity, storage, or even dual blasters for a two-man blasting crew.


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DB500 Mobile S blast unit on trailer

DB500® Mobile S

Small, yet mighty. Our ultra-compact model.


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Built to blast. Built to last. 

Every system we sell comes with a blast pot made right here in Houston, Texas and guaranteed for life.

DB800 Mobile XL blast unit on trailer

DB800® Mobile XL

Easy to bring along. Totally brings it.

DB800 Mobile Dual XXL blast unit on trailer

DB800® Mobile Dual XXL

Two blast pots that can be operated simultaneously.

DB1500 Mobile XXL blast unit on trailer

DB1500® Mobile XXL

Get up to 3 hours of continuous blast time.

DB3000 Mobile XXL blast unit on trailer

DB3000® Mobile XXL

Our largest machine, for your most extreme jobs.


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Add-Ons & Accessories

Workers in hazmat suits spraying disinfectant at natural foods store

Vapor Adapter

Offer disinfectant services.

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Rust Inhibitor 5 gallon jerrycan in the dark

Rust Inhibitor

Prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours.

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piles of 40/70 glass, coal slag, garnet, and soda abrasive

Blast Abrasive

Eco-friendly, 40/70 recycled crushed glass.

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wearing a green blast respirator in dusty area

RPB® Nova 3®

Climate-controlled respirator.

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removing paint from a car hood with the dustless blaster

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