Dustless Sand Blasters vs Traditional Methods

When it comes to cleaning and surface restoration, there are many tools available to get the job done. So how can you be sure which products are best for every job you're working on? In this blog article we're going to show you the differences between our abrasive blasting system and other methods to help you select the right equipment for your next project.

Db vs other methods

What is Dustless Blasting?

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Dustless Blasting is an abrasive blasting system that can wet blast, dry blast and soda blast with one easy-to-use machine. This equipment uses a variety of abrasive materials to remove rust, paint, grime, powder coating, marine growth and so much more!

The dustless sandblaster is unique in that it's capable of switching between wet and dry blasting easily - giving the operator the ability to choose which process is best for every job.

Most people prefer our system compared to other vapor blasters on the market because of the way it's designed. The Dustless Blaster is considered a venturi system that forces a stream of high-pressure air through the pot, carrying the media and water mixture out of the blast pot together, through the hose and to the nozzle. This prevents the clogging that you typically see with other vapor blasting systems.

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Not only is our equipment one-of-a-kind, but we were also the first manufacturer to make this system portable. That's right. You can purchase one of our mobile abrasive blasting systems and go where the work is! This opens up countless opportunities in industries you couldn't have pursued had you been stuck in a shop. Think of all the jobs you can pursue with a mobile blaster that can be taken on site! 


Dustless Sandblasters vs Sandblasting

I know what you're thinking... How is this different from traditional sand blasters? I'm glad you asked. Dustless sandblasting machines don't use sand. No longer are you forced to use one type of hazardous media for every job. Our equipment can use a wide variety of abrasive materials that are better suited for different jobs depending on the substrate. We recommend using 40/70 crushed glass as an abrasive because it is chemically inert, environmentally friendly and contain less than 1% free silica. Learn more about the media you can use with dustless sand blasters in this guide.

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Not only do you have more options when it comes to media, but you will eliminate the hazardous plume of dust that traditional sandblasters create if you choose to add water to the blaster. This allows our customers to blast in highly regulated areas that sandblasters cannot.

Dustless Sand Blaster vs Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is similar to Dustless Blasting in that it uses water to clean surfaces... but that's about it. Pressure washing is an economical choice for small cleaning jobs, but it shouldn't be your top choice for removing tough coatings. Dustless Blasting is more effective, efficient and easy to use when it comes to paint stripping or removing tough coatings. Here are some of the ways dustless sandblasting is different from pressure washing.

Pressure washing vs Dustless Blasting

Pressure and Consumption

A power washer operates between 2000–3000 PSI, whereas the Dustless Blaster operates between 30–150 PSI. That's because the abrasive does most of the work.

Low operating pressure means that the Dustless Blaster uses less water than a power washer. It only consumes about 20 gallons of water per hour, compared to 120-480 gallons per hour with an average power washer. This means you don't have to worry about being connected to a constant water source.

Creating An Anchor Profile

When blasting metal, most abrasives will create a textured surface for the new coating to stick to. This is referred to as an “anchor profile," and it helps the new coating stay stronger for longer. 

An anchor profile is desired on metal surfaces that are to be repainted, like a car. A pressure washer isn't able to leave an anchor profile for paint to adhere to it like the Dustless Blaster can.

Dustless Sandblaster vs Grinding

Sanders and grinders are great tools for smaller projects that have little surface areas. If you've got a small furniture shop that only requires you to sand small objects a few times a month, then keep at it with those hand tools. However, if you're working on bigger jobs that require you to sand all day long, set that thing aside and upgrade to a dustless sandblaster!

Our abrasive system will increase productivity saving you time, money and headache. We've seen several Dustless Blasting business owners save the day on log home and pool restoration jobs because companies were going through several hand grinders a day and still couldn't get the job done.

Dustless Sand Blaster vs Chemical Stripping

airplane-chemical-paint-strippingChemical stripping works by causing coatings to dissolve, soften or swell. At this point the coating will fall off or have to be washed off. However, the toxic chemicals are dangerous to work with, as they can easily burn the operator's skin and eyes. Chemical stripping will also destroy any landscaping around whatever is being treated. This isn't a concern you have to worry about with the dustless sandblaster.

Another thing to consider is the desired anchor profile of the surface being stripped. Chemical strippers leave behind a perfectly smooth surface, so you may need to scuff up the surface before applying a new coating. This will require more work and time, whereas our abrasive blasting system simultaneously removes the coating and leaves an anchor profile.

Does Your Next Job Require A Dustless Sand Blaster?

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Now that you know about the other methods available to you and how they differentiate from an abrasive blasting system, here is a checklist that will help you determine if our blaster is right for you.

  1. Do you need a portable sandblasting machine?

  2. Do you need a sandblaster that won't create a hazardous plume of dust?

  3. Do you need a machine that can blast wet and dry?

  4. Do you need equipment that can use a variety of media?

  5. Do you want a system that is environmentally friendly and safe to use?

  6. Do you want a product that has inexpensive spare parts?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider purchasing one of our dustless sandblasting products. We sell standalone blast pots, accessories and spare parts in our Online Store. If you're looking for a complete mobile abrasive blasting systems that come with everything you need, contact one of our blasting experts to place your order.

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