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Businesses That Could Increase Revenue With Dustless Sandblasting

Most business owners are always looking for ways to maximize profit and take their company to the next level. Dustless Blasting equipment can bring new opportunities, revenue streams, and clients in industries you're already working in. So let's see if your business could be advanced by offering additional services with Dustless Blasting!

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what blasting services could your business offer?

Let's take a look at some popular businesses that could benefit from owning an abrasive blasting machine!

Pool Companies - Plaster Removal and Tile CleaningPool Restoration

Pool maintenance is very important and on average, most pools need to be re-plastered every ten years depending on various factors. Before the pool can be re-plastered, the failing coating must be totally removed. We've seen pool companies spend weeks using hand grinders to remove the plaster or spend thousands of dollars to outsource this task. Why not add a Dustless Blasting machine to your business that can remove the plaster in a few hours and make extra profit? While it is a powerful machine that can remove tough coatings, it can also be adjusted to gently clean surfaces like pool tiles. Simply adjust your media choice and pressure to remove calcium deposits from tiles. Dustless sandblasting equipment can be used to wet blast in residential areas so you don't have to worry about a toxic plume of dust and it uses a wide variety of abrasives that will easily remove this tough coating.

Marinas and Shipyards - Marine Maintenance

Marine Maintenance

Surface preparation for the marine industry has never been easier with Dustless Blasting equipment. Whether you're wanting to remove barnacles or strip tough industrial coatings, this abrasive blasting machine can get the job done. Marina and shipyard workers appreciate the painless containment and cleanup process that comes with wet blasting on dry docks with this equipment.

Concrete Companies - Paint and Sealer Removal


Add revenue to your concrete company by offering paint and sealer removal services from driveways, sidewalks, patios and parking lots before you repair them. You already have the connections and are on the job site, why not be the one company who can take on the entire job? Dustless Sandblasting equipment is ideal for removing paint, epoxy, and other coatings from the concrete surface.

Auto Body Shops - Paint, Bondo and Rust Removal


The versatility of our abrasive blasting system is every automotive shop owner's dream. You can easily remove paint, bondo and rust from cars without damaging the surface. The ability to switch between dry and wet blasting allows operators to confidently wet blast body panels and dry blast the interior of vehicles for best results.

Trucking Companies - Fleet Vehicle Restoration

Fleet Maintenance

Trucks take a beating. They're constantly on the road, exposed to the elements, and they haul a lot of heavy loads. So it's no surprise that they need a little extra TLC from time to time. Traditional sandblasting is a nightmare for fleet vehicles, because it warps the thin aluminum panels. Unlike sandblasting, the water in our process cools the metal, eliminating warping. This cooling effect also speeds the removal process, because it makes the vinyl and adhesive brittle, instead of gooey. Consider bringing a Dustless Blasting machine in-house for all of your fleet vehicle resurfacing projects! 

Powder Coating Companies-Powder Coat removal

Powdercoat removal

Powder coating and Dustless Sandblasting go hand in hand. These abrasive blasting machines can easily remove some of the toughest coatings, including powder coating. Now your company can offer powder coat removal services before you add the new coating.

Painters - Removal Services


If you're already being hired to paint a variety of surfaces on site, why not remove the failing or old coating while you're there? This will add revenue and show potential clients that your company is well-rounded. Let's face it, customers don't want to have to hire multiple companies to come out for the same job. You can be the one stop shop for all of their surface restoration and coating needs!

Take the next step to advance your business:

There are so many ways this revolutionary abrasive blasting equipment can elevate your business. Whether you're looking to add services or bring your surface restoration needs in-house. Visit our Online Store to purchase a standalone blast pot or give one of our experts a call to place an order on one of our mobile blasting machines!

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