Dustless Blasting

The Process

Getting from “hopeful entrepreneur” to “successful business owner.”


Stage 1: Introduction

It all starts with a phone call.

This is an informal chat between you and one of our Startup Business Advisors, where we:

  • Answer any questions you might have

  • Tell you more about Dustless Blasting

  • Share what it's like to be a mobile blasting business owner

(Absolutely no obligation to continue!)


Stage 2: Due Diligence

You’re ready to take control of your future and move on to the next step.

In this stage, we encourage you to discover your niche based on your interests, experience or connections. This understanding will help you:

  • Find the services you’ll offer in your area

  • Attract customers with our marketing packages

  • Provide the details you need to consider registering a business name, etc.


Stage 3: Make a Plan

During this stage, a number of exciting things happen.

  • You confidently select the machine that fits your needs

  • You understand your earning potential based on hours worked. 

  • Choose the best way to pay for the equipment: a commercial loan, personal loan, cash


Stage 4: Prepare For Launch

Get ready to roll -- Literally!

With your new turn-key mobile business, you’re ready to pick up your machine, drive to that first job, and start making money! 

Welcome to the freedom of working for yourself.


Stage 5: Work For Yourself, Not By Yourself

Once we’ve sold you the equipment the relationship doesn’t end there. 

We'll add you to our private Facebook group of owner/operators just like you. You’ll always have a support network to discuss pricing services, business advice, or share unique and interesting jobs. 

You'll receive our customer newsletter, and training articles from our online Academy

If you ever have any questions, your Technical Advisor is just a phone call away!

Your success will never be dependent on someone else.

(Don't worry, there is no obligation to continue!)


Download information about starting a business: