Compressor Ready Equipment

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These machines offer a 30, 60 and 90 minute run-time respectively.



  • Ideal for businesses with 1 to 4 hours of blasting per week
  • Completely portable through doorways and staircases
  • Requires 185+ CFM compressor
Individual small DB500


  • Great for larger jobs and commercial work
  • Most popular machine for blasting business operators
  • Requires 185+ CFM compressor
Individual small DB800


  • A great choice for industrial and commercial work
  • Most popular machine for commercial use by employees
  • Requires 185+ CFM compressor


These machines are ideal for large industrial jobs, and are usually run with a 375 CFM or larger compressor. The 2″ piping allows for higher abrasive flow and productivity.



  • Ideal for ship yards, industrial painting contractors, and fleet maintenance
  • Requires 375+ CFM compressor

DB1500 Offshore

  • Ideal for offshore maintenance
  • Requires 375+ CFM compressor


  • Can tackle even the largest industrial projects
  • 4–6 hours of continuous blast time for greater productivity
  • Requires 375+ CFM compressor

Low Volume



  • Best for small restoration shops or the extreme hobbyist
  • Replaces hand tools like grinders and sanders
  • Requires 60+ CFM compressor


Model Blast Time Required Compressor
DB150 ~15 min 60+ CFM
DB225 ~30 min 185+ CFM
DB500 ~60 min 185+ CFM
DB800 ~90 min 185+ CFM
DB1500 ~2-3 hours 375+ CFM
DB3000 ~4-6 hours 375+ CFM


Model Water Abrasive Rust Inhibitor
DB150 5 gal 50 lbs 7 oz
DB225 10 gal 100 lbs 14 oz
DB500 20 gal 200 lbs 28 oz
DB800  30 gal 300 lbs 42 oz
DB1500 75 gal 750 lbs 105 oz
DB3000 150 gal 1500 lbs 1.5 gal

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