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Compressor Ready Equipment


These machines offer a 30, 60 and 90 minute run-time respectively. 

Individual small DB225.png


Ideal for:

  • Businesses with 1 to 4 hours of blasting per week
  • Completely portable through doorways and staircases

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Individual small DB500.png


Ideal for:

  • Industrial Work/Commercial
  • Most popular owner/operator machine

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Individual small DB800.png


Ideal for:

  • Industrial/Commercial
  • Most popular for companies with employees using machine. 

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These machines are ideal for large industrial jobs. They are identical with the exception of run time. Approximately 3 hours on the DB1500 and about 6 hours on the DB3000. These machines are usually run with a 400 cfm or larger compressor and have 2″ piping.

Individual small DB1500.png


Ideal for:

  • Ship Yards
  • Industrial Painting Contractors
  • Fleet Maintenance

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DB1500 Offshore 2017.png

DB1500 Offshore

Ideal for:

  • Offshore Maintenance

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Individual small DB3000.png


Ideal for:

  • Ship Yards
  • Stationary Applications

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Low Volume

Individual small DB150.png


The DB150 is ideal for companies who will not be using this machine on a regular basis such as:

  • Small Restoration Shops
  • Extreme Hobbyist
  • Companies with small cleaning challenges (1-3 times per month)

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Compare Sizes


Model Blast Time Compressor
DB150  ~15 min 60+ CFM
DB225 ~30 min 185+ CFM
DB500 ~60 min 185+ CFM
DB800 ~90 min 210+ CFM
DB1500 ~2+ hours 375+ CFM
DB3000 ~4+ hours 375+ CFM


Model Water Abrasive Rust Inhibitor
DB150  5 gal 50 lbs  7 oz 
DB225  10 gal 100 lbs  14 oz 
DB500  20 gal 200 lbs  28 oz 
DB800  30 gal 300 lbs  42 oz 
DB1500 75 gal  750 lbs  105 oz 
DB3000 150 gal  1500 lbs  1.5 gal